Two Things to Know!

Two things are essential to know if you wish to communicate with animals. First, those of us who can do such are not exceptionally gifted. Everyone can communicate with animals like most of us can walk; some just do it more comfortably than others. The second thing of importance differentiates between those of us who can hear and those who cannot. That is trust. Trust in the process. Trust that it is possible, authentic, and tangible. Trust in yourself and in the animal. And trust in the infinite power of the universe that can connect us all to one another. It is this ability to trust, to look past the doubt and the judgement, and to trust wholeheartedly that makes you an animal communicator or not.

When I Started Practising

I hadn’t been practising long in the animal physiotherapy fraternity when I met an animal communicator. A somewhat eccentric one at that. Her approach had me confused, excited and mesmerized all at the same time. What got me most was her need to validate her readings to her patients’ owners. These validations were purely evidential; one knew she was not making up any information.

I started wondering, is this possible? So, I did courses with a few different communicators, but still, I was doubtful. I practised and practised but heard nothing because I still doubted. Part of me thought I couldn’t. Part of me thought it wasn’t real. But as time went by and I worked with animals more and more, following my gut and having great successes went hand in hand, and it became apparent to me that maybe my gut was the very point from where I should be working and communicating. And then it happened…my life changed forever because of one exceptional 17.2 hands bay gelding. A Fort Wood named Jade Forest.

I was at a yard in Muldersdrift close to Krugersdorp. The clients and I were standing in front of the stables on a well-manicured lawn discussing my patient’s prognosis, and then it happened. I felt a pulling towards something behind me. Someone was yearning for me to come closer.

How Milyn found the gift of Animal Telepathy -

And that was when I felt it

I turned around and saw the biggest, most beautiful bay thoroughbred I had ever encountered. I barely had a chance to say hello when suddenly I saw images of him rearing, throwing riders off. At the same time, I could feel his embarrassment and guilt, accompanied by deep regret. Luckily, I didn’t have time to think, and he continued to show me what he felt physically and instantly, I felt a very intense pounding headache. The base of my skull ached, and a sharp pain lurked, clearly more prominent if I turned my neck. He was so heartsore and begged for me to help him.

He then showed me the image of us riding, hair in the wind. By the time it was over, I couldn’t get the images out of my mind, and the ache in my heart remained for his physical and emotional discomfort.

I asked the yard manager what his story was, and she explained that he had refused jumps repetitively with his riders and consequently injured a few severely because of rearing. His owner could not find a solution to his behaviour or a diagnosis of his pain, not for lack of trying. Her circumstances had also changed during this time, and she and her family moved abroad. She did not have the heart to put him down and arranged for him to retire at this yard. He was about 12 at the time. She left explicit instructions that no one was to ride him. I couldn’t help myself and immediately asked if I could treat him because I was desperate to experience, for real, the picture he had shown me of us riding together.  

In the decade or so that I had been at yards every day, seeing an average of about 12-18 horses daily, I never wanted to ride again.  In varsity, I suffered a significant loss of an equine friend and didn’t think I would ever meet a heart horse again. After a few essential logistics and an indemnity form with this horse’s owner, I had the go-ahead to treat this phenomenal boy.

How Milyn found the gift of Animal Telepathy -

I heard a loud clunk and it was over

My heart melted when I eventually started treating Jadie, and I was smitten. There was a bond between us, and our souls were meant to have crossed paths. Jadie directed me very clearly where to and how to treat him. I heard him loud and clear and could feel what he was feeling all the way through. Jade explained that he couldn’t help rearing because of the pain that overcame him. He explained that as soon as his riders had taken contact and pressure was placed on the poll, he could not bend his neck without an excruciating shock pain at the back of his head, referring like lightening to his right eye. His descriptions helped me better understand what to treat and focus on. On our second treatment, I held Jadie’s head in a release position for a long time, as per his instructions, and the next thing, we heard a loud clunk at the back of his head. He was shocked at first and then shook his body with delight. He lay down and rolled as if he had never been able to. His whole energy changed, it was lighter, and the chronic headache we had shared was gone leaving only a hangover.

How Milyn found the gift of Animal Telepathy -

His pain and worry had gone

Eventually, I no longer felt his sharp headache; I felt a calmness about Jadie with a sense of relief that his physical worries were gone end emotional concerns were relieved. My physio knowledge, logic, and Jadie’s history indicated that he was unsafe to ride. My gut told me I could trust Jade and my skills as a therapist.  But most of all, I looked into his eyes and felt safe. And then there was, of course, the fact that he assured me he would look after me like gold, that his pain had eased with the healing I had done and that there was no more cause for him to react. I decided I would ride; I trusted him. I knew it was premature, but I couldn’t help it; more than anything, I wanted Jadie to be mine, not just to ride; I wanted him to be mine. I couldn’t imagine not being able to be with him. I knew that from day one.

That first ride sealed the deal and solidified a beautiful friendship.
How Milyn found the gift of Animal Telepathy -

A Bond that would never be broken

It wasn’t long after that Jadie officially became mine, for which I am forever grateful. We had so many adventures, a few falls and most of all, a bond that would never be broken, not even in death.

How Milyn found the gift of Animal Telepathy -

Live with eyes wide open

Jade Forest reminded me of a world I had forgotten. He changed my life in so many ways. Even in his passing, he taught me to live with eyes wide open.

Because he shouted at me and pushed until I heard, I learnt to trust in the possibility of animal communication, in the power of God and in the miracle we have in the animals we are blessed with.

How Milyn found the gift of Animal Telepathy -

Children have no doubt or preconceptions

As children, we know little of doubt and preconceptions. It was like this for me as a child and young adult. I spoke and listened to animals as if it were the norm because, to me, it was. I think many of us experience that. I knew what they needed and when they needed it. I just didn’t realise that back then, I was actually communicating until much later in my life. I remember with such love so many incidents where I heard their needs as they relayed to me and where they heard mine. I did everything in my day with my animals.

How Milyn found the gift of Animal Telepathy -

Caplin, my first

I have these memories up until my late teens, and then I suppose the world happened, and we were told that such things were not evidential, validated and impossible. I believe I stopped hearing when I lost the first horse that was mine alone, Caplin. We, too, had a fantastic connection and back then, I didn’t know that one could experience this kind of closeness more than once in a lifetime.

How Milyn found the gift of Animal Telepathy -

We are told to think and not to feel

We are told to think and not to feel; that is where things go array for most of us. When we learn to overthink, we lose touch with our sixth sense, intuition, and stop feeling. We stop accepting the universe’s guidance and rely purely on logic. I made this mistake once and have vowed to never let my children make it.

I will always encourage them to use their heart and gut in everything they do. As I try to live now, I will always encourage them to listen when the universe speaks, not needing validation but only trusting what they feel in their being. Back then, I believed the world and not my heart. I won’t let my girls make the same mistake. I will teach them to live in awareness of everything and every being around them, and through Authentic awakening, I hope to do the same for you.

How Milyn found the gift of Animal Telepathy -

To Infinity and Beyond

Every horse and every animal comes into our lives to guide and help us grow. We just need to let them. To all of those that came on my path, I will love you all forever and am eternally grateful for the awareness you all have bestowed upon me.

To Infinity and Beyond, my babies.


How Milyn found the gift of Animal Telepathy -

Dancing with Tissue: Animal and Self-Awareness Retreat

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How Milyn found the gift of Animal Telepathy -
It frees you emotionally and physically from limitations by helping you understand the connection of all 3 aspects of who you are.
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