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Standard Consultations

Costs and Special Offers -

Special offers are available below

Costs and Special Offers -

A Movement Analysis Consultation

Consisting of Milyn’s own questions, 3 body-related questions from you, an intuitive body scan aimed at identifying any signs and symptoms of discomfort and intricate movement analysis is valued

@ R 900 and is approximately 1 -2 hour.

Costs and Special Offers -

Animal Connection Consultation

This consultation for  animals (other than horses) aims at understanding things from their perspective. It is aimed at strengething the relationship between animal and owner.

The Animal Connection Consultation is valued

@ R 1000 and is approximately 1.5 -2.5 hours

Costs and Special Offers -

Equine Connection Consultation

This consultation aims at understanding things from your  horse’s perspective. It is filled with home advice offered in various formats aimed at strengthening the relationship between horse and rider/owner.

An Equine Connection Consultation is valued

@ R 1400 and is approximately 2-3 hours

Costs and Special Offers -

Know Your Horse Combo Consultation

This session is filled with rehabilitative and connection home advice offered in various formats using the intuitive approach alongside physiotherapy experience.

It includes an Equine Connection Consultation with an Equine Movement Analysis Consultation and 2 feedback sessions.

A Know Your Horse Consultation is currently

@ R 2100 and is approximately 4-5 hours in duration.

Costs and Special Offers -

Intuitive Healing Session

Intuitive Healing Sessions for people and animals are offered. (Most connection sessions will include healing unless stipulated otherwise.) Initial healing sessions often require 1 hour to incorporate feedback. Please note that for people patients a free 30-minute interview pre-session is included. It is a prerequisite for animals to have had a connection session prior to healing!

@ R 450 per 30 minutes

“By knowing what your animal is thinking, we will learn how to resolve problems,

rebalance at the body-mind-spirit level, reconnect, heal, and enjoy a more

heart-centred relationship with them.” Milyn

Costs and Special Offers -

Special Offers and Packages

Costs and Special Offers -
Costs and Special Offers -

Movement Analysis Special Offer #1

Prebook 2 “Movement Analysis” consultations and get R 200 off. Recommended at 6 weeks apart. Initial and follow-up.

2 x @ R 900 = R 1800 less R 200 = R 1600

Costs and Special Offers -

Animal Connection Special Offer #2

Prebook an Animal Connection Consultation plus follow-up and get R 200 off.

2 x @ R 1000 = R 2000 less R 200 = R 1800

Costs and Special Offers -

Animal Connection Special Offer #3

Prebook an Animal Connection Consultation and 1 Intuitive Healing Session and get R 200 off

R 1000 plus R450 = R1450 less R R200 = R 1250

Costs and Special Offers -

Equine Connection Special Offer #4

Prebook an Equine Connection Consultation plus follow-up and get R 400 off.

2 x @ R 1400 = R 2800 less R400 = R 2400

Costs and Special Offers -

Equine Connection Special Offer #5

Prebook an Equine Connection Consultation and 1 Intuitive Healing Session and get R 300 off

R 1400 plus R450 = R1850 less R300 = R 1550

Costs and Special Offers -

Know Your Horse Special Offer #6

Prebook a Know Your Horse Consultation, plus an Equine Connection follow-up and get R 400 off

@ R 2100 plus R 1400 = R3500 less R400 = R 3100

Costs and Special Offers -

Know Your Horse Special Offer #7

Prebook a Know Your Horse Consultation and an Intuitive Healing Session and get R 200 off

@ R 2100 plus R 450 = R 2550 less R 200 = R 2350

Costs and Special Offers -

Know Your Horse Special Offer #8

Prebook a Know Your Horse Consultation and a Movement Analysis follow-up and get R 300 off

@ R 2100 plus R 900 = R 3000 less R 300 = R 2700

Costs and Special Offers -

Know Your Horse Special Offer #9

Prebook a Know Your Horse Consultation, plus an Equine Movement Analysis follow up and 1 Intuitive Healing session

and get R 400 off

@ R 2100 plus R  900 plus R 450 = R 3450 less R 400 = R 3050

Costs and Special Offers -

Intuitive Healing Package Special Offer #10

Prebook an Intuitive Healing Session Package. Pay for 4 healing sessions and save R400.  Most treatments require an initial hour and 2 follow-up 30-minute sessions.

4 @ R 450 per 30 minutes = R 1800 less R 400 = R 1400

“There will always be elements of the unknown that challenge our reason, and this is precisely why God has given each of us a measure of faith.

Everyday we must believe for the impossible, and we will experience joy as we see impossibilities bow down before God and become possibilities in the physical world.”

Apostle G Maldonado

Costs and Special Offers -

What does a Consultation Include?

Milyn uses well-trained, well-practised meditative techniques to connect to your animal.

She first engages with a free flow of conversation in telepathic communication.

Milyn will then relay the questions asked by owners and document answers word for word.

Milyn closes off her reading with gratitude. At this time, she disconnects.

You will then have 45-minute google meets video call for word-for-word detailed feedback on her session.

During all of the above, Milyn formulates your plan forward using her telepathy and physiotherapy abilities.

An essential 4-6–8-week follow-up should be discussed at this point.

The Know Your Horse Consultation includes the above with the Movement  Analysis and another feedback Session.

The Movement Analysis Consultation on its own is structured a little differently.

After your consultation, Milyn will email you a tailor-fit stretching and strengthening program for your horses’ and your restrictions and struggles as described and confirmed. This email will have a management plan filled with links, videos,  free attachments and downloadable recommended tutorials to assist with your needs.

Other animals will be approached slightly differently, focusing predominantly on an improved connection.

Should any referrals be required to other veterinary professionals, Milyn can assist.

Milyn will support you through your process and follow up on your progress.

Costs and Special Offers -

Will There be any Additional Charges?

Any work in addition to the booked timeframe will be charged

@ R 350 / half hour.

This may include but is not limited to extended feedback sessions due to multiple questions, compiling of professional reports to interested parties or phone calls for referrals needed.


Invoices are generated post-consultations and are due on the day of invoice.

From then on, it is in you, the owner’s hands.


You are welcome to email or WhatsApp Milyn regarding questions on exercises given or struggles specific to the advice Milyn provided.

Costs and Special Offers -

Once Milyn has disconnected, she cannot answer any more questions you have for your animal. Should you need Milyn to answer questions in addition to the questions you asked in your reading, you will need to book a follow-up consultation.

Costs and Special Offers -

Next Steps

Costs and Special Offers -

Book your Consultation

Equine communication consultations are available worldwide. If you are interested in working with Milyn, book your consultation here.

a. Client enquiry via email or WhatsApp.

b. An information package is emailed.

c. Booking and the signed, returned contract are confirmed via proof of payment.

d. Booking made via WhatsApp.

e. Appointment scheduled.

Note readings are predominantly in the mornings, and consultations must be paid in advance to secure a booking.

Costs and Special Offers -

Booking Confirmation

As payment is made, minimal information regarding your animal’s description is necessary on the bookings page. No other details are asked for good reason. Too much information affects the accuracy of your reading. Most packages will only require 2 specific photos, but movement analysis consultations will require stipulated video footage. You will receive a booking confirmation email with more information to prepare you for your journey of awareness awakening. 

Costs and Special Offers -

The Connection

On the agreed date and time, Milyn will connect to your animal, keeping you posted via Whatsapp. After that, you and Milyn will connect via Google Meets video call for a detailed feedback session. Your feedback session may include physical, emotional, and spiritual advice regarding your animal or yourself. Milyn always maintains a strict patient confidentiality ethic.








Costs and Special Offers -

Post Consultation

You will receive a post-consultation email explaining where to go from here. If applicable, your email will be filled with links to Milyn’s YouTube videos,  free attachments of work needed to further improve your connection with your animal, including strengthening and suppling exercises and downloadable recommended tutorials to assist with your needs. This information and the amount depend on Milyn’s findings and your animal’s needs. Follow appointment is scheduled. Milyn will continue to support you on your journey where she can.




Costs and Special Offers -

Is One Session Enough?

That will depend on you and your animal; feedback may be overwhelming and lead to more questions, but Milyn will relay information at a pace you can both cope with as long as you remain within the initially booked timeframe. If you have any pressing questions during feedback, Milyn can answer those on the spot. However, should you have new problems unrelated to the current reading, please keep track of them to address in a follow-up connection.

Most clients, both animal and owner, experience the need for a follow-up session to assess their progress and further develop the growth already achieved or rule out any potential confusion and struggles remaining. Follow-up sessions are typically recommended about 4-6-8 weeks after the initial evaluation and rehabilitation program, depending on the complexity of each specific case. Animals and people alike often find the need for healing sessions after connection consultations.

Costs and Special Offers -

Exercise tutorials tried and tested with loads of experienced advice are available on the website at varied prices.


Purchase and download Step-By-Step instructions on stretching and strengthening routines for you and your horse.

You may have been taught to stretch a horse before but have you been shown the inside secrets of perfecting your stretch to ensure that instead of a struggle, you rather share a bonding experience and learn to communicate with one another through touch and breath. Check in on this page regularly as it will keep growing as you will too, the more you learn.

To see the available PDF tutorials created after years of implementation and practice in the field, click below.

Costs and Special Offers -

“I have known Milyn now since around 2008 and I really cannot recommend her enough.  She has treated numerous horses of mine from dry needling to massage and physio and since I took on many rescue horses, Milyn certainly had her hands full with call outs from me.

Milyn is calm, gentle and patient and can read what your horse thinks and feels and knows how your horse will react to certain things. She always thoroughly explained the treatment she was giving, and clearly demonstrated exercises I needed to carry out with my horses. 

Milyn has always been exceptionally professional but also incredibly friendly and very generous of her time. There is not a horse to date that I have had that Milyn has not been successful in treating, I would highly recommend her for any treatment as well as readings as she has been 100% accurate in “talking” to our horses over photographs since she has moved away from our area and my new Chiro and Physio have agreed with her in all aspects of where the horses are experiencing discomfort and pain. 

Milyn has a gift and I hope they she will continue to use it.”

Tanja Fuchs

Costs and Special Offers -

Still can’t decide?

We understand.
It is a lot to process if you have never dealt with this side of life.
Read some of our heartwarming client stories and see if you can relate.
So many have been afraid but take the leap with no regrets. They have experienced their eyes opening to the beauty within and around us through the gifts our animals bless us with daily.
Costs and Special Offers -

“Animals are so much more than we can ever comprehend. Give them a chance to guide you into awareness and never look back. Your life will be enriched forever. I promise.” Milyn

You will have a plan to move forward in a positive, connected, and more aware way!

Costs and Special Offers -

We are all gifted with that extra sense, the sense of intuition.

It is our truth, how we live, and at Authentic Awakening, it is how we strive to motivate our clients to live, in awareness.

Milyn wants to share this with the world.

She has a variety of unique consultations available to suit your needs and help you grow.


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