What to Expect from an
Animal Connection

The Process of Animal Connection:

Milyn practises telepathy to communicate with your

animal. She uses meditative processes, relies on her

intuition to connect to the animals’ hearts and minds,

and invites a complete connection of their energy

frequencies with hers. Milyn will first ask your animal

for permission to communicate. It has happened that

animals will deny connection until a later stage;

however, they are always willing to share when the time is right to guide their humans and say their bit. They

are usually very excited to have the opportunity to be heard. She constantly assures them that her intentions

are pure and aim only to help them in their struggles, see their essence, and accept them for who they are.

 It is here where the blessing of telepathy unfolds for Milyn.

What to Expect? -
What to Expect? -

Milyn experiences pictures, thoughts, feelings, pain, and

sensations during a reading. She refers to it as “knowing”.

Her sessions are God-driven and lead, but irrespective of who

your source is,the universe guides,

and this will not affect your reading in any way.

What to Expect? -

The Consultation:

What to Expect? -

Milyn begins her sessions with a free flow of conversation and allows your animal to free reign.

They mention everything they find is a priority problem in their lives.

When they reach a place where they have shared enough, Milyn will relay the questions from their owners.

It is important to note that many things your animals find as priority problems do not necessarily coincide with your thoughts.

After this, you will experience your feedback session.

Note that the Know Your Horse consultation includes a second consultation, namely the Analysis of Movement and a second feedback session. In these sessions specifically, your horse has already described its restrictions to Milyn, so she already has a good indication of what to expect and can then, via video footage, confirm her findings.

Milyn always closes off her reading by showing gratitude and sending blessings, promising to share their truth to the best of her translation abilities.

Your Animal Connection Feedback:

Your feedback session will be held via Video call only, so kindly ensure that you can take the call in a suitable environment with excellent connectivity shortly after the reading.

Milyn could still be partly connected to your animal after the session and may pick up on more information should there be confusion about descriptions.

You will be given word-for-word feedback as she has experienced the reading and made her notes.

What to Expect? -

You, too, can make notes, but kindly appreciate that no recordings of these feedback sessions are permitted.

In your session you may receive physical, emotional, and spiritual advice regarding your animal or yourself.

Milyn and the animals believe that to achieve a genuine connection with your animal, you must address the body, mind and soul energy of the animal and its owner.

Because of Milyn’s background as a human physiotherapist, she may advise you on managing your own body, mind and soul based on your horse’s descriptions and her intuitive findings.

Milyn has vast experience in the demands of riders’ ailments but rider or not, she will advise you on managing your body and its restrictions.

What to Expect? -

The Know Your Horse Combination Session:

(Specific to this Consult)

After your initial feedback session, Milyn will download your video footage.

You will receive a notice of download at this time to ensure you that she has not previewed any videos before her initial consultation.

With a good idea of what and who she is dealing with after her connection session, she will assess your stipulated video footage.

Then she will closely analyse any movement restrictions and causes through two different approaches.


Milyn will use her equine telepathy findings and finely developed intuition

to complement her physiotherapy assessment findings and vice versa

in discerning your horse’s weak spots or areas that could be improved to achieve a stronger, balanced ride.

She formulates your plan forward.

Milyn has helped patients living in rural areas with treatment plans using video recordings and basic

information provided by the owner for years. She is trained to see even the slightest asymmetry in movement

and has an excellent sense of musculoskeletal restrictions.

What to Expect? -

Milyn is one of the most caring, kind, and compassionate people I have had the privilege of working with.

Her passion and commitment to helping horses and their owners is a quality rarely seen these days.

She was my last resort in trying to help one of my beloved horses when in fact had I have known about her gift earlier the outcome may have been different.

Obviously, I’m not saying don’t get vets, physio’s etc. but I would always reach out to Milyn again when I had that first niggling feeling something wasn’t right with my horse.

Sara Boulle nee Hogg

What have you Gained?

By the end of this consultation, you will have clarity on most of your wonderings, and you may also have a lot of work to do. Milyn feels that her part is a small one to get you on your way; the real work lies in what you do after the reading. As with most things, it’s all about implementing learned information.

You will have a plan to move forward in a positive, connected, and more aware way!

What to Expect? -


After your consultation/s, Milyn will send you a post-consultation email explaining where to go from here.

If applicable, your email will be filled with links to her YouTube videos,  free attachments of work needed to further improve your connection with your animal, including strengthening and suppling exercises and downloadable recommended tutorials to assist with your needs.

This information and the amount of it depends on Milyn’s findings and your animal’s needs.

What to Expect? -

The post-consultation rehabilitation exercises focus more on horses, primarily after

Movement Analysis.

Milyn advises that you do these yourself where possible to improve the connection between you and your animal.

Is Working With Milyn A Good Fit For You And Your Animal?

If you are:

  • Dedicated to improving your animal’s long-term health, happiness, and well-being, as well as your own.

  • You’re willing to examine your animal’s behaviour and health in light of your own.

  • You’re ready to achieve long-term results with your horse while balancing your own life, relationships, and health.

  • Willing to enhance your conscious awareness in order to enjoy a deeper understanding of yourself, your animal, and the world around you…

Then you are ready for Milyn to help you bridge the gap between where you are now and where you would like to be.

If you have a training or behaviour problem, a health issue, or just wish to improve the relationship with your animal, Milyn can help.

What to Expect? -

By knowing what your animal is thinking, we will know how to resolve problems, rebalance at the body-mind-spirit level, reconnect, heal, and enjoy a more heart-centered relationship with them.

Communicating with your animal is the best place to start resolving problems. Milyn can improve your understanding, your performance and resolve training and behaviour issues.

What Can Owner and Animal Expect

to Feel After a Reading?

You and your animal may experience some changes in your body and/or your emotions.

Most clients may feel lighter, have more energy, experience less pain and generally feel more positive.

However, it is possible that after an emotional and/or physical purge, you and/or your animal will experience some signs and symptoms of detoxing.


What to Expect? -

Supporting your animal through this process of alignment is vital. Owners should also be mindful of what they are experiencing and be kind to themselves.  Anxiety, doubt and/or fear will cause heightened stress for all, causing the balancing of human and animal systems to become more complex.

Sometimes the expected impact is purely emotional, and animals and people alike will experience a shift in their mood. A physical detox is also possible; one may experience sleeplessness, fatigue, increased sensations of pain and discomfort, diarrhoea, thirst, and/or headaches. It is essential during this time to try and avoid medication for the symptoms unless it really can’t be helped. Be sure to drink lots of water.

Milyn is the conduit to the energy your bodies need to discard or align to reach harmony between the body, mind, and soul. When or how the release happens is not in her hands.

Symptoms settle within 24 to 72 hours, and a significant change may be experienced for the better. Ultimately you will only see the actual effect of a session about a week after all systems have balanced physically and emotionally. Once the animal’s requests have been tended to, and they have been able to speak their needs, there will often be a change in personality and behaviour. Clients who hear their animal’s need fare much better than those who listen but don’t put it into practice.

What does a Consultation Include?

Milyn uses well-trained, well-practised meditative techniques to connect to your animal.

She first engages with a free flow of conversation in telepathic communication.

Milyn will then relay the questions asked by owners and document answers word for word.

Milyn closes off her reading with gratitude. At this time, she disconnects.

You will then have 45-minute google meets video call for word-for-word detailed feedback on her session.

During all of the above, Milyn formulates your plan forward using her telepathy and physiotherapy abilities.

An essential 4-6–8-week follow-up should be discussed at this point.

The Know Your Horse Consultation includes the above with the Movement  Analysis and another feedback Session.

The Movement Analysis Consultation on its own is structured a little differently.

After your consultation, Milyn will email you a tailor-fit stretching and strengthening program for your horses’ and your restrictions and struggles as described and confirmed. This email will have a management plan filled with links, videos,  free attachments and downloadable recommended tutorials to assist with your needs.

Other animals will be approached slightly differently, focusing predominantly on an improved connection.

Should any referrals be required to other veterinary professionals, Milyn can assist.

Milyn will support you through your process and follow up on your progress.

How Much Time Will I Need to do my Horse and/or my  Exercises?

Most of the riders Milyn has worked with spend a minimum of an hour with their horses daily or at least 3 times a week. An hour is more than enough time to get everything done for the day, and yes, you may have to minimise your regular training regime for a while, depending on what she finds. However, most exercises can be done in conjunction with standard training.

Milyn highly recommends you do all your homework to show your horse your commitment and dedication to your relationship. Getting your groom to do some work to assist you is possible.

Ultimately the goal is not just a healthy animal but also to deepen your connection.

Note that you may be advised to do some body work on yourself. Your animal will most likely inform Milyn of your physical restrictions and complaints.

As a human physiotherapist also, it is common for her to recommend specific exercises or further referrals to address your physical or emotional challenges.

Milyn understands the time limitations in life today and will adjust the exercise to be as time effective as possible.

What to Expect? -

How Accurate are Milyn’s Readings?

What to Expect? -

By communicating with your animal, Milyn translates a message to you.

The message is never wrong, but as they show Milyn pictures that she can relate to, many of her personal experiences are involved because this is how they can help her relate.

Some of the information your animal relays may be unclear to her.

The imagery might, however, be blatantly clear to you, the owner!

To understand and make sense of the information, Milyn will need your help to unlock the key to the pieces shown to her.

The translation thus becomes a puzzle that the two of you solve together as a team, working towards your animal’s well-being.

The animals are never wrong, nor is the picture that is portrayed. When information does not resonate, you and Milyn may have overlooked something and must keep digging until it makes sense or be prepared to wait until things do fit. People often speak to Milyn months, even years, after readings and report that the answers became clear.

Although Milyn has a natural affinity to interspecies communication, she acts purely as an instrument or vessel for healing and guidance from and for your animal. It is understandable to doubt the process, but rest assured, the goal is to help and guide you and your animal first and foremost. Trust is the cornerstone of this work. Trust in her ability. Trust in the infinite possibilities that the universe holds. Trust in your animal and trust in the process itself.

What to Expect? -

Next Steps

What to Expect? -

Book your Consultation

Equine communication consultations are available worldwide. If you are interested in working with Milyn, book your consultation here.

a. Client enquiry via email or WhatsApp.

b. An information package is emailed.

c. Booking and the signed, returned contract are confirmed via proof of payment.

d. Booking made via WhatsApp.

e. Appointment scheduled.

Note readings are predominantly in the mornings, and consultations must be paid in advance to secure a booking.

What to Expect? -

Booking Confirmation

As payment is made, minimal information regarding your animal’s description is necessary on the bookings page. No other details are asked for good reason. Too much information affects the accuracy of your reading. Most packages will only require 2 specific photos, but movement analysis consultations will require stipulated video footage. You will receive a booking confirmation email with more information to prepare you for your journey of awareness awakening. 

What to Expect? -

The Connection

On the agreed date and time, Milyn will connect to your animal, keeping you posted via Whatsapp. After that, you and Milyn will connect via Google Meets video call for a detailed feedback session. Your feedback session may include physical, emotional, and spiritual advice regarding your animal or yourself. Milyn always maintains a strict patient confidentiality ethic.








What to Expect? -

Post Consultation

You will receive a post-consultation email explaining where to go from here. If applicable, your email will be filled with links to Milyn’s YouTube videos,  free attachments of work needed to further improve your connection with your animal, including strengthening and suppling exercises and downloadable recommended tutorials to assist with your needs. This information and the amount depend on Milyn’s findings and your animal’s needs. Follow appointment is scheduled. Milyn will continue to support you on your journey where she can.




Follow-Up sessions are essential to keep track of all progress and further develop the growth already achieved or rule out any potential confusion and struggles remaining. Follow-up sessions are recommended 4-6-8 weeks after the initial evaluation and rehabilitation program, depending on the complexity of each specific case.

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2 Essentials to Remember!

What to Expect? -

Number 1

I have been working in the animal fraternity for two decades and learned that most animal lovers will provide for their animals before taking for themselves. This applies to therapy-related matters also. Often my clients have been desperate for psychological or physical therapy of some sort, but they choose to leave their needs secondary to their animals. Instead, they spend their money on what their animals need rather than on themselves.

Although this is a humbling approach, one is not doing your animals any favours. I am by no means talking about critical care that your animal cannot go without but rather about complementary therapies for the animal’s emotional or physical restrictions. The irony is two-fold: our animals often carry our pain for us, as this is their way of helping, so you would be helping them if you reached out and got help for yourself. Furthermore, our animals can energetically and literally carry our physical pain, which very often causes them harm. Take, for instance, a rider with a painful back who chooses to have his horse’s back tended to first.

It should be obvious, but it’s not; the rider with the sore back is most likely compensating when he rides, causing imbalanced pressure on his horse’s back, leading to misalignment, muscle spasms, and consequent musculoskeletal pain and restriction.

Number 2

It should be remembered that just as a human patient presents with signs and symptoms that are assessed subjectively and objectively, so does the animal. As with humans, animals are unable to produce a diagnosis. Furthermore, one needs to remember that they will report on their primary pain. For example, if they are lame on their right hind, they will not necessarily complain of the right but instead of the left side picking up the slack of the lameness leading to overuse and likely spasm, and this might present itself as the primary problem.

Please be sure to remember that we are talking to your animal and asking it to relay where its primary concerns are. I have only ever spoken to a handful of animals who could offer diagnostics. What they give us are their signs and symptoms. It remains up to us to put the puzzle together.

With your close relationship and explanations to my translations and my knowledge and experience as a physiotherapist, most often, it is very possible to formulate a probable diagnosis and consequent treatment plan. Nothing I give you to do is a waste of time, but the above-mentioned is one of the reasons it is essential to do follow-up sessions and confirm that you are making headway and that we remain on the right track.



Windmar Sport Stud as below

What to Expect? -

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”

Anatole France

Still Uncertain?

Still have Questions?

We understand. It is a lot to process if you have never dealt with this side of life. Read some of our heartwarming client stories and see if you can relate. So many have been afraid but take the leap with no regrets. They have experienced their eyes opening to the beauty within and around us through the gifts our animals bless us with daily.

“Animals are so much more than we can ever comprehend. Give them a chance to guide you into awareness and never look back.

Your life will be enriched forever. I promise.” Milyn


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What to Expect? -

What Results Can You Expect?

An Individually tailored action plan

Reach advanced levels of love, self-expression, and awareness

A Deeper connection between animal and owner

A Profound understanding of the world in and around you

An Improved performance level with better focus

Peace of mind about what your animal really needs and wants

Better overall balance in Body, Mind & Spirit for both of you

Greater clarity about what is needed to improve your relationship

Reach your true potential together

A More fluid ride with your horse, moving as one.

What to Expect? -

We are all gifted with that extra sense, the sense of intuition.

It is our truth, how we live, and at Authentic Awakening, it is how we strive to motivate our clients to live, in awareness.

Milyn wants to share this with the world.

She has a variety of unique consultations available to suit your needs and help you grow.


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