Equine Connection Consultation

The first place to start with any problem  

It’ll give your horse a chance to be heard

What if there was more to it than body language?

What if there was more to it than waiting for a lick and chew??

What if the sensation you so often feel, where you thought you had heard your horse, because you knew exactly what he was asking for?

What if it was confirmed that your horse could understand you, and what if you could literally hear him/her?

For us at Authentic Awakening, this is the norm. It is our truth, how we live, and how we strive to motivate our clients to live in awareness. Listening to your gut. Being guided by your intuition like you were born and designed to do. We are all gifted with that extra sense; some developed it better than others. Milyn wants to share this with the world.

Would you like a healthier, happier, better-behaved horse and a deeper connection and understanding of him/her? Milyn can help you enhance your bond.
One cannot understand how best to help your horse until one genuinely understands their perspective. Only after you know this can you resolve your problems, its problems, and the roadblocks you find yourself hitting every so often, for some more than others. With the cooperation, feedback, input, and full participation of both you and your horse, Milyn can help awaken in you an awareness that may have been left dormant before. She will help you see the world from a different perspective, angle, and alternate view.

With a background in rehabilitation, performance, and healing, Milyn can help you, and your horse regain equilibrium and you can become stronger as a unit, more than ever before.


Build your trust and confidence in each other


Identify and solve behavioural problems


Recover from injury & trauma


Focus and perform at your peak


From the horse’s mouth


A better understanding of one another


Unheard and unresolved issues - No More


Answers to many a challenge


Identify physical restrictions


A deeper connection between horse and rider

“By knowing what your horse is thinking, we will learn how

to resolve problems, rebalance at the

body-mind-spirit level, reconnect, heal, and enjoy a more

heart-centred relationship with your horse.” Milyn

Equine Connection Consultations -

How Milyn Can Help You and Your Horse Reach Your True Potential?

Equine Connection Consultations -

Gifting yourself and your animal with the experience of an Equine Connection consultation is truly a blessing.

In this session, Milyn truly listens to your animal and translates the messages she receives. She guides you and your animal to resolve issues, behaviour concerns, health conditions and/or mystery pain to the best of her abilities, relying on her intuition and vast experience as a physiotherapist.

A session will not only help resolve your challenges and roadblocks but will give you a subtle yet profound insight into each other’s wants and needs and, in so doing, deepen your connection.

Milyn recommends that you learn to listen to your animals. After all, the key to effective communication is in its intention; this is not only a matter of the mind but more so a matter of the heart. She wishes you both to reach a harmonious relationship and live your best!


If anything, you will know a way forward with your horse.

“In my world, ensuring that animals are heard is my norm.

I allow them to share their worries and concerns with me, and I also listen carefully to their observations and guidance, as their intuition is much more developed than ours.

From my experience with the many patients I have worked with, booking a Movement Analysis Consultation in conjunction with an Equine Connection Consultation is the ideal way to address any physical restrictions, limitations or problems.

When I do an Equine Connection, healing always occurs, even if just by allowing your horse to share his or her worries and fears.

However, I have found that they often need additional healing  sessions to ease their pain physically or behaviourally, and a follow-up session focused entirely on healing is highly recommended.” Milyn

Equine Connection Consultations -

Follow-Up sessions are essential to keep track of all progress and further develop the growth already achieved or rule out any potential confusion and struggles remaining. Follow-up sessions are recommended 4-6-8 weeks after the initial consultation, depending on the complexity of each specific case. Click below to see the special offers available if booked in advance.

“Remember, whether I do healing from a distance or hands-on, it has precisely the same effect; in fact, I have found distance healing to be even more effective in some respects.

See more about intuitive healing, click below.” Milyn

Equine Connection Consultations -

“I have known Milyn ever since I was a young child of about 12, I always competed in endurance races with my family and our horses and it was here where we met. I will never forget the first time Milyn communicated with one of my horses, coming from a family of vets we were all very sceptical of this kind of thing, believing science to be the only answer, however, the horse she first communicated with was called Victor.

He told her things that there was no other way she could have known unless they had come from him, things that made me cry as well as laugh out loud. Myself and many of my family members have taken countless animals to Milyn for communication and physiotherapy over the years and her ability to communicate with and sensitivity to animals never ceases to amaze me. I can recommend her services to absolutely anyone.”

Dr Lesleigh Rous

Is Working With Milyn A Good Fit For You And Your Horse?

Are You:

  • Dedicated to improving your horse’s long-term health, happiness, and well-being, as well as your own?
  • You’re willing to examine your horse’s behaviour and health?
  • Ready to achieve long-term results with your horse while balancing your life, relationships, and health?
  • Willing to enhance your conscious awareness to enjoy a deeper understanding of yourself, your horse, and the world around you?
  • Interested in understanding your horse’s personality and experiences in his words.
  • Dedicated to achieving better movement for you and your horse, ensuring unity.
  • Motivated that your horse should be pain-free and comfortable being the best he can be.

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then you are ready for Milyn to help you bridge the gap between where you are now and where you would like to be!

Choose to walk this path and let Milyn lead the way.

Equine Connection Consultations -

“The horse you get off is not the same as the horse you got on. It is your job as a rider to ensure that as often as possible, the change is for the better.” Author unknown

Equine Connection Consultations -

Dancing with Tissue: Animal and Self-Awareness Retreat

Dancing with tissue is the most liberating way to solidify your unity with your animal. It teaches you to understand the workings of the connection between the body (tissue), the mind and the soul of you and your animal, creating a more profound awareness for both of you and the influences of the world around you.
It frees you emotionally and physically from limitations by helping you understand the connection of all 3 aspects of who you are.
The retreat aims at improving your bond and performance as a team and unit by deepening your relationship through the awareness of touch by dancing with tissue.
Equine Connection Consultations -
Dancing with Tissue is a program for horse owners and animal owners alike who would like to gain a deeper connection with their animals through the power of intentional touch and a thorough understanding of all aspects of our lives.

What Results Can You Expect?

An Individually tailored action plan

Reach advanced levels of love, self-expression, and awareness

A Deeper connection between animal and owner

A Profound understanding of the world in and around you

An Improved performance level with better focus

Peace of mind about what your animal really needs and wants

Better overall balance in Body, Mind & Spirit for both of you

Greater clarity about what is needed to improve your relationship

Reach your true potential together

A More fluid ride, moving as one.

Equine Connection Consultations -

To see what a complete consultation entails, the process and

the steps to follow, click below.

Equine Connection Consultations -

Still hesistant?

We understand. It is a lot to process if you have never dealt with this side of life. Read some of our heartwarming client stories and see if you can relate. So many have been afraid but take the leap with no regrets. They have experienced their eyes opening to the beauty within and around us through the gifts our animals bless us with daily.


“Animals are so much more than we can ever comprehend. Give them a chance to guide you into awareness and never look back. Your life will be enriched forever. I promise.” Milyn

Know Your Horse Consultation

Milyn recommends booking a combination session of the Equine Connection and the Movement Analysis consultations to get the best results.
She uses direct feedback from your horse about what it struggles with and where it feels restricted in its own body. Milyn also considers the input it gives about its riders’ bodies and challenges.

By combining her years of physiotherapy experience and her ability to accurately assess movement restrictions through video analysis with her gift of telepathy, Milyn offers you Two Approaches for One outcome.

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