Know Your Horse

Two approaches in One

Take an in-depth assessment of your horse’s physical and mental restrictions, including an intricate movement analysis to help it reach its full, balanced abilities.

Through Awareness, Guide your Equine Counterpart to Reach its Full Potential.

Milyn believes that a part of Holistic Horsemanship is to bring awareness to you and your horse regarding the emotional and physical restrictions you may be experiencing as a team.
Give your horse the freedom to speak about whatever it desires, whatever it wants you to know about its personality, quirks, and body. You can ask it the questions you have always wanted to learn or think you know but want to confirm.
Once Milyn has a good idea of what and who she is dealing with, she will assess your stipulated video footage and closely analyse any movement restrictions and causes for them through two different approaches. She will use animal communication to compliment her visual findings and vice versa in formulating a plan forward.
The analysis of restriction in conjunction with Milyn’s telepathic feedback forms the base of the tailored exercise program you will be provided within various formats. This will include stretches, strengthening, groundwork, bonding exercises through bodywork for home use and alternative techniques to deepen your connection and eliminate movement barriers.
Ultimately this is a brilliant programme for any rider wishing to solidify the bond with their horse and optimise their ride into moving as one.

1. Equine Connection Consultation

2. One-on-one feedback via video call

3. Identify emotional and physical challenges

4. Virtual equine movement analysis

5. Identify and confirm restrictions

6. Post-analysis feedback via video call

7. Receive instructions and advice

8. Get a tailor-fit guide to wellbeing

9. Follow-up support recommended

10. Live a new life in awareness

How Milyn Can Help You and Your Horse

Reach Your True Potential?

The KNOW YOUR HORSE COMBO consultation consists of two different approaches. The first part of your consultation will be the well-known Equine Connection consultation. Milyn not only relies on direct feedback from your horse about what it struggles with and where it feels the restrictions in its own body and psyche but also its feedback regarding its rider’s challenges in body, mind and soul.
Know Your Horse -

Because of Milyn’s background as a human physiotherapist focused on the demands of horses and riders, she’ll inevitably discuss your limitations and suffering as described by your horse.

To help you achieve the smoothest movement possible, Milyn eliminates unnecessary physical restrictions in both of you.

She identifies emotional and physical and roadblocks and advises on how they can be improved.

Although Milyn does not evaluate the rider, you will not be exempt from recommendations regarding your body, mind and soul. Your own misalignment may often be the cause of your horses’ restrictions.

In this consultation, Milyn provides you both with essential musculoskeletal improvement recommendations and guides you on improving your emotional and spiritual connection to bettering your ride as a unit.

If you want your horse to reach its true potential, be prepared to heal, evolve and grow because THEY often spend their entire lifetimes trying to break through YOUR barriers.

Together, you can reach advanced levels of love, self-expression, and spiritual awareness with a profound understanding of yourself and the world around you.

Milyn believes this is part of Holistic Horsemanship, using an all-encompassing approach to wellness.

This is what it takes to succeed in any sport, including life.

Are you ready to bridge the gap between where you are now and

where you want to be?


Choose to walk this path and let Milyn lead the way.

Know Your Horse -
Know Your Horse -

After your initial feedback session, Milyn will download your video footage. You will receive a notice of download at this time to ensure you that she has not previewed any videos before her initial consultation.

With a good idea of what and who she is dealing with after her connection session, she will assess your stipulated video footage and closely analyse any movement restrictions and causes through her dual assessment.  Milyn can then confirm your horse’s physical restrictions that could be improved to achieve a balanced ride.

She will use her equine telepathy findings and finely developed intuition to compliment her physiotherapy assessment findings and vice versa in discerning your horse’s weak spots or areas that could be improved to achieve a stronger, balanced ride.

She formulates your plan forward.

Milyn has helped patients living in rural areas with treatment plans using video recordings and basic information provided by the owner for years. She is trained to see even the slightest asymmetry in movement and has an excellent sense of musculoskeletal restrictions.

Our results would not have been possible without Milyn’s phenomenal knowledge and assistance, which is a privilege to have her as part of our team so far! We can with the utmost confidence recommend any person who is interested in using her services, you and your horse will surely walk out on a better level on the other side. Trust her diagnoses and recommendations, you will not regret it!
Thank you so much for the past 11 years Milyn, and please for many more to come.


~ Elize de Meyer

Is Working With Milyn A Good Fit For You And Your Horse?

If you are:

  • Interested in understanding your horse’s personality and experiences in his words.
  • Dedicated to achieving better movement for you and your horse, ensuring unity.
  • Motivated that your horse should be pain-free and comfortable being the best he can be.
  • In it for the long hall and are willing to spend the time to achieve the best for you as a team.
  • Willing to work on your own body to ensure your horse is comfortable.

Then you are ready for Milyn to help you achieve the perfect understanding relationship and optimal movement for a better riding experience through a close connection of body, mind and soul.

If you or your horse are experiencing emotional or physical restrictions hampering your relationship and/or riding, Milyn can help.

By knowing where there is asymmetry in movement and musculoskeletal restrictions, we can strengthen and resolve them so you and your horse can experience maximum comfort and a pain-free ride.

By understanding how he sees and feels his world, you will experience a new awareness between the two of you, working together as one.

Know Your Horse covers all the details needed to solidify your relationship and improve your ride.

Know Your Horse -

What Results Can You Expect?

An Individually tailored action plan

A Reach advanced levels of love, self-expression, and awareness

A Deeper connection between animal and owner

A Profound understanding of the world in and around you

An Improved performance level with better focus

Peace of mind about what your animal really needs and wants

Better overall balance in Body, Mind & Spirit for both of you

Greater clarity about what is needed to improve your relationship

Reach your true potential together

A More fluid ride with your horse, moving as one.

Follow-Up sessions are essential to keep track of all progress and further develop the growth already achieved or rule out any potential confusion and struggles remaining. Follow-up sessions are recommended 4-6-8 weeks after the initial evaluation and rehabilitation program, depending on the complexity of each specific case. Click below to see the special offers available if booked in advance.

To see what a complete consultation entails, the process and

the steps to follow, click below.

Dancing with Tissue: Animal and Self-Awareness Retreat

Dancing with tissue is the most liberating way to solidify your unity with your animal. It teaches you to understand the workings of the connection between the body (tissue), the mind and the soul of you and your animal, creating a more profound awareness for both of you and the influences of the world around you.
It frees you emotionally and physically from limitations by helping you understand the connection of all 3 aspects of who you are.
The retreat aims at improving your bond and performance as a team and unit by deepening your relationship through the awareness of touch by dancing with tissue.
Know Your Horse -
Dancing with Tissue is a program for horse owners and animal owners alike who would like to gain a deeper connection with their animals through the power of intentional touch and a thorough understanding of all aspects of our lives.
Know Your Horse -

Are you still resistant?

We understand. It is a lot to process if you have never dealt with this side of life. Read some of our heartwarming client stories and see if you can relate. So many have been afraid but take the leap with no regrets. They have experienced their eyes opening to the beauty within and around us through the gifts our animals bless us with daily.


“Animals are so much more than we can ever comprehend. Give them a chance to guide you into awareness and never look back. Your life will be enriched forever. I promise.” Milyn

Know Your Horse -

We are all gifted with that extra sense, the sense of intuition.

It is our truth, how we live, and at Authentic Awakening, it is how we strive to motivate our clients to live, in awareness.

Milyn wants to share this with the world.

She has a variety of unique consultations available to suit your needs and help you grow.


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