Who is Milyn Brazier,
the Animal Intuitive

Milyn’s Story

As a qualified physiotherapist, Milyn’s path started in early childhood and led her to her first love – animals. Under many years of tutelage by incredible mentors, her ability to analyse and treat humans and animals (from beginner to professional level) gives Milyn a profound insight into the unique connection between owners and animals, specifically the horse rider and steed.

On a personal level, Milyn has endured many battles – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Still, her unwavering faith and the value she sees in the lessons that every challenge has brought her, enables her to empathise, understand and communicate from a deeply personal and authentic place.

Who is Milyn Brazier? -

By learning to break down her own barriers, she unleashed the power of vulnerability, self-regulation and trust.

Coupled with her professional background, Milyn’s approach is effective and transformative.

Milyn uses her experience, intuition, fallibility, and a deep desire to promote the connection between humans and animals to give others the opportunity they seek to truly understand. To truly connect and truly heal – themselves and their animal family so that they can fulfil the potential they’ve been gifted. Awareness and understanding of body, mind and soul are what Milyn believes it takes.

Who is Milyn Brazier? -

This is Authentic Awakening.

Who is Milyn Brazier? -

Animal Communicator

Who is Milyn Brazier? -

Trauma Survivor

Who is Milyn Brazier? -

Facilitator of Healing

Who is Milyn Brazier? -

Equine Enthusiast

Who is Milyn Brazier? -

Trained Physiotherapist

Milyn’s Message – What is Authentic Awakening?

For so long, I tried to be someone I am not, to gain acceptance, and it made me feel empty to be so false. I did this because I thought the real me was not good enough for people. I thought I had to pretend to be someone else to gain acceptance.

My challenge has always been to be my true self and be accepted as that person, but I never quite achieved the goal until I had a good enough reason to succeed.

My dream came out in the form of wanting to be a better mommy. I realised that to be a better mommy is to live as God intended me to and be my own true self. To be my authentic self, I needed to do what I believe we are meant to do on this earth, grow and evolve.

Who is Milyn Brazier? -

I want to share my journey with you and help you be transformed into the best you can be, eyes wide open. To guide you into finding the authentic you, your own true self, through my courses, my consultations, and the intuitive healing that I facilitate.

Authentic awakening is about connecting with your true authentic self. We aim to facilitate and motivate you to take responsibility for yourself and discover what is already there, even if you don’t know it yet. We gently lead you on a path of growth, discovery, personal healing, and empowerment to a place of peace and happiness for you and your loved ones.

This quote has guided me through my most significant turmoil in life.



“To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man.” Shakespeare

We believe that stillness, reflection, and meditation can heal past trauma and equip you with the ability to tap into a higher power, a greater or more exceptional sense of being.

Authentic Awakening is who you have always been inside. We want to help you set it free.

What if you could find yourself exactly where you’ve wanted to be all these years. A place you knew existed but were unable to reach? It may be scary to face your deepest fears, but we are here to show you that you can achieve healing and peace of mind. And with the right direction and guidance, you can achieve the highest form of Authentic Awakening… to truly take control of your life.

Authentic Awakening is the culmination of Milyn’s learned and lived experience coupled with her desire to transform the animal world with her extraordinary gifts of connection, communication and healing. All of this is made possible through the power of awareness and her undying faith in guidance from above.

Who is Milyn Brazier? -

The what, who, why and how of animal communication.

Milyn uses the technique of telepathy to communicate with your animal remotely. Telepathy from the Greeks, tele, meaning “distant”, and pathe, meaning “experience”.

It is the direct transference of thoughts from a sender to a receiver without using the usual sensory methods.

Milyn experiences this transference as an exchange of thoughts, pictures, words, emotions, and sensations, but, most of all, a “knowing” of what is trying to be depicted. All that is being exchanged have physical energy, and these energies have frequencies.


Who is Milyn Brazier? -
Who is Milyn Brazier? -

Vision and Mission

Milyn’s mission is to use her God-given skills, talents and traumas to help others fulfil their potential, transform themselves and forge a profound and authentic connection with their beloved animals so that both can live out their best lives.

Milyn believes that underlying all adverse outcomes is a lack of awareness, understanding and acceptance of self. At the core of all healing – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – is a need first to be aware.

Milyn aims to help humans and animals grow, communicate and self-regulate through learning to authentically love and connect with self and others.

Through her own journey and transformation of acceptance of self, she prays to guide you to not only find the real you but to learn to trust the real you and the universe as it speaks to you.

When you live from your true self, you can access parts of your body and mind that are now unknown, undiscovered, and dormant. As you learn, you achieve heightened awareness through working with the multiple layers of self. This awareness brings in the empowerment you need to change your world forever. You are enabled to live life in awareness with an open heart that you never realised was possible.

She wishes to teach the importance of two things she is guided by…


Trust and Believe.

Faith over Fear.

Who is Milyn Brazier? -
Who is Milyn Brazier? -

Referring Vet – Dr Lesleigh Rous BVSc.

Who is Milyn Brazier? -

Lesleigh always finds use in the information that Milyn has been able to relay to her from her animals.

Sometimes it has been to advise her about her riding capacity; sometimes, it has been to report discomfort from a musculoskeletal perspective, and her animals have strongly verbalised their needs.

Often, emotional needs had to be addressed and could not be heard were it not for their communication sessions.

Who is Milyn Brazier? -

Because Lesleigh has seen truth evidentially in what her animals had to say and

experienced the positive results of tending to these needs with a full heart,

she believes in what Milyn does and what they have achieved together.

Their personal experiences have made it much easier for them to manage animals and their conditions as a team.

Imagine the power of having your patients give you their symptoms and then being able to apply what you find clinically into a complete treatment plan covered by all aspects.

There is strength to this approach, and together they have had much success in easing the dis-ease that so many suffer.

“I have known Milyn since I was a child of about 12, I always competed in endurance races with my family and our horses, and it was here where we met. I will never forget the first time Milyn communicated with one of my horses; coming from a family of vets, we were all very sceptical of this kind of thing, believing science to be the only answer. However, the horse she first communicated with was called Victor. He told her things that there was no other way she could have known unless they had come from him, things that made me cry as well as laugh out loud. Many of my family members and I have taken countless animals to Milyn for communication and physiotherapy over the years. Her ability to communicate with and sensitivity to animals never ceases to amaze me . I can recommend her services to absolutely anyone.” Dr Lesleigh Rous BVSc.


Who is Milyn Brazier? -

How it all began

Who is Milyn Brazier? -

“I hadn’t been practising long in the animal physiotherapy fraternity when I was “introduced” to the possibility of animal communication. I started wondering, is this possible?

So, I did courses with a few different communicators, but still, I was doubtful. I practised and practised but heard nothing because I still doubted.

Part of me thought I couldn’t. Part of me thought it wasn’t real.

But as time went by and I worked with animals more and more, following my gut and having great successes went hand in hand, and it became apparent to me that maybe my gut was the very point from where I should be working and communicating.

And then it happened…my life changed forever because of one exceptional 17.2 hands bay gelding. A Fort Wood named Jade Forest.

I felt a pulling towards something behind me. Someone was yearning for me to come closer. I turned around and saw the biggest, most beautiful bay thoroughbred I had ever encountered. I saw images of him rearing, throwing riders off. At the same time, I could feel his embarrassment and guilt, accompanied by deep regret. He reminded me of a world I had forgotten.

He changed my life in so many ways. Even in his passing, he taught me to live with eyes wide open.

Because he shouted at me and pushed until I heard, I learnt to trust in the possibility of animal communication, in the power of God and in the miracle we have in the animals we are blessed with. I couldn’t imagine not being able to be with him. I knew that from day one.

Who is Milyn Brazier? -

As children, we know little of doubt and preconceptions. It was like this for me as a child and young adult. I spoke and listened to animals as if it were the norm because, to me, it was. I think many of us experience that. I knew what they needed and when they needed it. I just didn’t realise that back then, I was actually communicating until much later in my life.

Trust is the most important thing that differentiates between us who can hear and those who cannot. Trust in the process. Trust that it is possible, authentic, and tangible. Trust in yourself and in the animal. And trust in the infinite power of the universe that can connect us all to one another. It is this ability to trust, to look past the doubt and the judgement, and to trust wholeheartedly that makes you an animal communicator or not.

The world happens, and we were told that such things are not evidential, validated and impossible. We are taught to think and not to feel; that is where things go array for most of us. When we learn to overthink, we lose touch with our sixth sense, intuition, and stop feeling. We stop accepting the universe’s guidance and rely purely on logic. I made this mistake once and have vowed to never let my children make it.

I will teach them to live in awareness of everything and every being around them.

Through Authentic Awakening, I hope to do the same for you. “


Who is Milyn Brazier? -

The Pearl Palomino

Our signature horse is a Pearl Palomino. This golden horse is a symbol of spiritual awakening. It asks you to trust your inner self to reach your goals and believe in your heart that all things are possible. The Pearl Palomino indicates that you are receiving divine help and must keep going. This horse came to Milyn in meditation and has stayed with her. It was then that Milyn decided she had to share her “pearl” with the world. Milyn’s wish for each of you as you journey through the one-on-one sessions and courses is to experience what the Pearl Palomino has bought to her. A knowing that you are always supported, that the answers you seek are already inside of you, that your intuition holds the truth, and that if you believe with your heart, anything is possible.

Carl Jung said that, like one uses the power of a horse when riding, you can use the same power to harness your energy to help you move forward in life. Milyn believes in the eyes of the horse, in all animals; “we are more than physical form. We are intention, emotion, energy, and spirit.” She feels that animals see who we are and gaze into our souls. She believes that animals are gifts from heaven to help us grow and learn as they can see into our inner being and build our consciousness; if we humans have the humility to listen.

You are invited to join us on this journey with an open mind. Explore and learn how to understand and regulate your body, mind and spirit, let go of it all simultaneously, and develop a personal relationship with your true, authentic self, your soul.

Move with us in our courses from one level to the next, and trust that you will begin to hear your inner being and the world around you.Trust that you are in the right place at the right time, and trust that your intuition and the right kind of chance have brought you here.

There are no coincidences in life.

Should we be heard,  you will be changed forever.


“Have blind faith. Trust. Follow your soul…it knows the way.”

Milyn’s Promise to you and your animal

To help and support you and your animal.

To bridge the gap between owner and animal, thereby facilitating healing and growth.

That information provided will remain completely confidential, as with all patient-client ethics.

Not to judge any situation or information but act as a neutral translator alone.

To work on my wellbeing and growth to be balanced to achieve harmony in self.

To inform you if I am not in the optimal emotional or physical state to do a consultation.

Not to make any diagnostics but only work with the animal’s signs and symptoms experienced.

Not to be hesitant to refer to other veterinary professionals.

That no information about your session will be relayed to a third party without your permission.

To honour those who come to me for guidance, humans and animals, and give you my best.


Authentic Awakening Courses: Deepen your connection with your animals by becoming aware of the world in and around you.

We aim to facilitate your transformation through working with the multiple layers of who you are to find your authentic self. We offer courses that increase awareness levels to harness self-power and spiritual awareness.

Explore and learn how to understand and regulate your body, mind and spirit, let go of it all simultaneously, and develop a personal relationship with your true, authentic self.

Should we be heard,  these courses will change who you are forever.

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