Animal Communication?

Let us show you the what, who, why and how of animal telepathy

What is Animal Communication?

Animal Communication? -

Milyn uses the technique of telepathy to communicate with your animal remotely.

Telepathy from the Greeks, tele, meaning “distant”, and pathe, meaning “experience”.

It is the direct transference of thoughts from a sender to a receiver without using the usual sensory methods. Milyn experiences this transference as an exchange of thoughts, pictures, words, emotions, and sensations, but, most of all, a “knowing” of what is trying to be depicted. All that is being exchanged have physical energy, and these energies have frequencies.

So, you see, we are all already very aware of telepathy.

We just don’t always see it for what it is.



Animal Communication? -

“There will always be elements of the unknown that challenge our reason, and this is precisely why God has given each of us a measure of faith. Everyday we must believe for the impossible, and we will experience joy as we see impossibilities bow down before God and become possibilities in the physical world.”

Apostle G Maldonado

Animal Communication? -

Why do I Need to use an Animal Communicator?

Animal communicators can assist with a variety of disorders. Some owners use animal communication simply to “check in” at times and hear what their animals have to share. Most come to Milyn with either emotional or physical dilemmas. She is often the last resort and is regularly booked by sceptic owners, having tried everything else but wanting to avoid giving up on their animals. 

Imagine the time, money, and pain spared by first asking your animal.  These cases often become some of her biggest advocates, and she has not had any unresolved cases.

Animal communication does not replace veterinary care, but all veterinary professionals involved could experience a simpler journey if the various approaches were used in conjunction with telepathy.

Below are some of the conditions Milyn has assisted in resolving or significantly bettering:

  • Skin conditions.
  • Anxiety.
Animal Communication? -
  • Strange or negative behavioural issues.
  • Mystery lameness.
  • Unfound pathology.
  • Musculoskeletal restrictions.
  • Information regarding owners’ well-being.
  • Environmental complaints.
  • Social issues.
  • Trauma resolution.
  • Fear.
  • Body memory.
  • Experiences of loss, grief, or abandonment.
  • Assisting with the stages of passing.

“Sometimes the most mundane things can create considerable unhappiness for your animals and are quickly resolved if one can become aware of and understand the world from their perspective.” Milyn

Animal Communication? -

Who can do Animal Communication?

Animal Communication? -

It took a long time for Milyn to realise the difference between thinking with her head and following her gut. Obtaining a physio degree, she was trained to think, but her journey with treating tissue started her understanding that feeling got her further than thinking. Going with her gut got better results than going with the book.

Even Milyn struggled to accept the concept when introduced to animal communication. She started to hear once she quietened her mind, let go of logic and started trusting.

Becoming aware and believing that it is possible and then trusting it all, is the key to hearing. Suppose you can center yourself, moving out of your mind and into your heart, and be present in the current moment, aware of everything in and around you. That is enough to create the space to recognise what is being sent your way and finally see what has been right in front of you all this time.

This is when you can effectively communicate with animals.

The process of interspecies communication in itself is a gift, but who and how to do it can be taught through specific meditative techniques to any of us.

“Allow yourself to reach advanced levels of love, self-expression and awareness with a profound understanding of your animal, yourelf and the world aroound you.” Milyn

Animal Communication? -

How does this Process Happen Remotely?

Animal Communication? -

“Many studies have shown EEG interconnectivity between two individuals at a distance. Whatever the healer is doing seems to be transmitted to the patient.  The Distance Intentional Connection Experiment using Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) seems to support the notion of distance healing.” Su Mason

Electromagnetism is a branch of Physics that deals with electromagnetic forces between electrically charged particles.

A photo has electromagnetic frequencies, and these consequent vibrations enable Milyn to use telepathic electromagnetic forces to read and sense the frequencies of the animals from the image.

Because animal communication is an energetic/telepathic occurrence, it can take place regardless of the physical proximity of the sender and receiver.

Milyn reports that she prefers to do a session remotely, away from disturbances and distractions. Just her and the animal.

Telepathy is not “mind control”

Animal Communication? -

Please be sure to understand that telepathy is not “mind control”.

Milyn cannot push thoughts or feelings onto your animal.

She can only ask for what is desired, as should you as the owner.

She firmly believes you don’t tell an animal; you ask it and applies this in all her work.

“Can you tell my dog to urinate outside, please”…the answer is NO!

Milyn can find out why your dog is urinating inside, and you can address this undesired behaviour head-on.

“Learn to listen to your animals. The key to effective communication is in its intention; this is not only a matter of the mind but more so a matter of the heart.” Milyn

The Human Animal  Body Mind Connection

Animal Communication? -

People are often surprised to discover the Human Animal Body Mind Connection phenomenon and how their animal partner mirrors their behaviour.

Many aspects of our animal’s behaviour, health, and happiness directly replicate what we, the owner, are challenged with in life.

This understanding will help you discover why your animal is in your life and what it aims to teach you to help you create the most fulfilling life for you both.

At the very least, it will give you a subtle but profound insight into its wants and needs and, in so doing, deepen your connection.

Many of the animals that Milyn works with may continue to show and act out your wounds, stressors and problems until you, the owner, is willing and able to change, heal, grow and evolve.

For some, their issues are purely their own, and all they need is the opportunity to share their struggles with you, albeit emotional or physical.

Gifting them this chance is truly a blessing of an experience.

In this process, Milyn truly listens to your animal and translates its messages to the best of her abilities. 

Milyn’s goal is for you both to reach a harmonious relationship and live your best!

“If you want your animal to reach its true potential, be prepared to heal, evolve and grow because they often spend their entire lifetimes trying to break through your barriers.”

Animal Communication? -

“Milyn has that special something that we, as horse riders (or pet owners, for that matter), can only dream of. That ability to just “know”. She can easily get to the point of discomfort or disharmony and address the problem with her extensive knowledge of the equine body, emotional blockages and triggers, and the energetic impact these things have on the body.

In my opinion, no one is more capable of truly combining mind, body, and spirit healing in SA.”

Sara Doyle

Animal Communication? -

Various Consultations Available

Choose what suits your needs from a choice of 5 types of approaches. Whether you are battling with your animal’s behavioural challenges, movement restrictions or pain and recovery from injury or surgery.

We recommend booking the combination of telepathy and movement analysis approaches to get the best results for the horse and rider. The Know Your Horse consultation. We use direct feedback from your horse about what it struggles with, where it feels the restrictions in its own body, and feedback it gives about its riders’ bodies.

 Try the Movement Analysis focused on physical challenges and limitations for a more affordable option.


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