Listen to Your Animal’s Voice: Allow It To Tell You Its Story

Deepen  Your

Animal Connection

Authentic Awakening -

The most effective way to improve your animal’s physical health, behaviour, and general well-being is to listen to them by having an authentic animal connection.

Authentic Awakening -

Some of Milyn's most special animal guides; Marshall, Spidey, Trixie, Xandie (RIP), Didi (RIP) and Lady Melody aka Mellie aka Mopsie

Build Trust And Confidence In Each Other

Deepen your Connection
Through Body, Mind and Soul

Identify And Solve Behavioural Problems

Say Goodbye with
no Regrets

Solve your Horse’s Mystery Movement Restrictions

Allow your Animal
to be Heard

Authentic Awakening -
Authentic Awakening -
Authentic Awakening -
Authentic Awakening -

It is an option to contact us to arrange a course at your own yard should you meet the requirements at an additional price for Milyn’s travelling and accommodation.

What is Animal Communication?

    Think about the following scenarios and see if you can relate:

    • You cannot get someone out of your mind, and soon that person contacts you in one form or another.
    • How does your cat know you are taking it to the vet and curiously hides away even before you have fetched its carrier.
    • Think about how your dog gets depressed and sulks long before you even start packing to go away on holiday.
    • You think about feeding the animals or walking them, whether at the same time of day or not; before you act, their excitement shows.
    • Although there are no apparent signs, you feel something is wrong with your dog and take it to the vet. The vet finds a problem and treats it accordingly.

     So, you see, we are all already very aware of telepathy. We just don’t see it for what it is.


    Authentic Awakening -

    “You are all already talking to your animals;

    it’s the reciprocal listening that is left wanting.” Milyn

    Why do I Need to use an Animal Communicator?

    Perhaps you Just Don’t Know how to Listen?

    Sometimes the most mundane things can create considerable unhappiness for your animals and are quickly resolved if one can become aware of and understand the world from their perspective.

    Animal communicators like Milyn can assist with a variety of disorders.

    Note that animal communication does not replace veterinary care.

    It would be a perfect world if the various approaches to veterinary care were used in conjunction with telepathy.

    Here are some of the conditions Milyn has assisted in resolving or significantly bettering:

    • Skin conditions.
    • Anxiety.
    • Strange or negative behavioural issues.
    • Mystery lameness.
    • Unfound pathology.
    • Musculoskeletal restrictions.
    • Information regarding owners’ health and emotion.
    • Environmental complaints.
    • Social issues.
    • Trauma resolution.
    • Fear.
    • Body memory.
    • The experience of loss, grief, or abandonment.
    • Assisting with the stages of passing.

    “The biggest gift you can give your animal and you is to allow them to be heard.

    You strengthen and nurture your animal-human connection

    more than you could ever imagine possible.” Milyn

    Authentic Awakening -

    Ways We Can Help You

    Authentic Awakening -


    Yearning to understand your animals more? Hoping to solidify your animal relationships? Curious about their general well-being and emotions?

    Interested in a healthier, happier, resistance-free horse? Needing a deeper understanding and connection through the body, mind and soul?

    Let Milyn Brazier help you solve your animal problems one-on-one through remote consultations!


    Authentic Awakening -

    “Gift your animal with the chance to speak its truth.

    Give it a chance to be heard.” Milyn

    Authentic Awakening -

    Worried about why your horse is resistant to training, acts up, or suffers from mystery health issues?

    It’s time to experience how intuitive guidance, connection, and communication with horses can change your life.

    No matter how difficult things seem with your relationship with your horse

    Whether it’s injured or ill OR JUST PLAIN ACTING UP.

    Keep calm, even if your horse seems to be out of control.

    There’s a lot we can do to turn the situation around.

    Your horse is trying to tell you something, but you just know how to listen.

    Authentic Awakening -

    Assisting With the Passing Over Process

    Saying goodbye when it is time for your animal to go is one of the hardest things in life. These readings are not easy, and Milyn is emotionally invested all the way. In saying goodbye, she feels your loss and has too experienced it. 

    “I have seen the unconditional love from both sides in these sessions, making my journey worth it. This does not remove the pain but eases the distress, guilt, and fear often lived through. Saying everything that needs to be heard for the last time is indeed a gift. It brings relationships closer than ever through this often-unfair departure. 

    It is not an easy process emotionally, but it is worth every second you share with each other in this unique way. These sessions benefit owners and animals, ease the passing, and leave nothing unsaid.

    Authentic Awakening -

    PDF Tutorials

    Purchase and download Step-by-Step instructions on equine stretching and strengthening routines for you and your horse.

    PDF tutorials are available after years of implementation and practice in the field.

    These programmes have been created with the help of the horses Milyn has treated, their direct feedback, and her vast experience as an equine expert/physiotherapist in the equine fraternity.

    This is not the straightforward approach to equine stretching but considers your body and your connection to your horse to achieve the most effective physical and emotional responses.

    Don’t forget that for your horse to move at its best, it requires no restriction, including you. Make sure you have regular physiotherapy and biokinetics sessions if you have limitations post-injury or pain symptoms.

    We recommend our Rider’s Suppling Program to maintain your body to encourage the deepest seat and, therefore, the best connection with your horse. Click below to read Milyn’s blog for more information on the rider’s body.

       Four Stimulating and Enlightening Programs will be Available Soon.

    With our online training programs, you can develop your natural intuitive abilities allowing you a better animal connection. We aim to facilitate your transformation by working with the multiple layers of who you are to find your authentic self.

    Through your true self, you can access parts of your body and mind that are now unknown, undiscovered, and dormant, like the ability to communicate with animals. This awareness brings in the empowerment you need to change your world forever.

    We invite you to join us on this journey with an open mind. Explore and learn how to understand and regulate your body, mind and spirit and let go of it all simultaneously.

    Develop a personal relationship with your true, authentic self, your Soul. Move with us from one level to the next, and trust that you will begin to hear your inner being and the world around you.


    Should we be heard,  these courses will change who you are forever.

    Body Awareness For Horses

    Download the 10 Do’s & Don’t’s for Equine Stretching

    Proper stretching practices correct a horse’s balance and reduces tension across it’s muscles and joints.

    This guide will teach you how to properly prepare yourself and your horse for implementing an effective and safe habit of daily stretching.

    Apply what you learn and enjoy a lifetime of joy and performance with your active, healthy & happy horse.

    Authentic Awakening -

    Dancing with Tissue: Animal and Self-Awareness Retreat

    Dancing with tissue is the most liberating way to solidify your unity with your animal. It teaches you to understand the workings of the connection between the body (tissue), the mind and the soul of you and your animal, creating a more profound awareness for both of you and the influences of the world around you.
    It frees you emotionally and physically from limitations by helping you understand the connection of all 3 aspects of who you are.
    The retreat aims at improving your bond and performance as a team and unit by deepening your relationship through the awareness of touch by dancing with tissue.
    Authentic Awakening -
    Dancing with Tissue is a program for horse owners and animal owners alike who would like to gain a deeper connection with their animals through the power of intentional touch and a thorough understanding of all aspects of our lives.

    Who is Milyn Brazier?

    I am Milyn, and although it’s taken me a while, I am proud to be me and share the world with you through my eyes.  I’m an Animal Intuitive and would love you to experience the world I live in daily, a world of awareness filled with so much more than most of us realised was a possibility.

    In conjunction with my formal physiotherapy training and extensive experience in treating horses and riders, I combine my ability to connect with all animals through the intensive development of my intuition, guided by the universe. I’ve found peace within, enabling me to quiet my mind, open my heart, and develop abilities I could once only dream of. This has brought me to a place where I’m fulfilling my true potential, what I have been led to as my calling. My Authentic Self.

    I pray I can help you and your animal do some of the same.

    Let me share my journey through the tough life lessons I have lived and the resulting growth coupled with my training and God-given talents to hasten your quest. Your quest for balance and fulfilment with or possibly through your animals to help you move closer to harmony inside and outside your life.

    Authentic Awakening -
    Authentic Awakening -

    “A special thank you to Eve Jerram and Westie (Chestnut) from Hout Bay,

    Marian Vermeulen and Cappie (Bay), now resting, 

    as well as Sarah Doyle, in this image,  from Windstar Sport Horse Stud with her homebred exotic coloured warmbloods.

    Windstar Sport Horse Stud

    They have all blessed me with their love and symbiotic healing through their presence and the photos you see on this site.

    And the most special thank you to Jade Forest, my heart horse, who you see throughout this site and who is now with me in spirit.

    You and I both know that you started it all, my boy. I will love you to infinity and beyond.” Milyn

    To see the rest of the beautiful team of Authentic Awakening, click below.

    Authentic Awakening -

    We are all gifted with that extra sense, the sense of intuition.

    It is our truth, how we live, and at Authentic Awakening, it is how we strive to motivate our clients to live, in awareness.

    Milyn wants to share this with the world.

    She has a variety of unique consultations available to suit your needs and help you grow.


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