Jade Forest, my heart horse, who you see throughout this site and who is now with me in spirit. You and I both know that you started it all, my boy. 

I will love you to infinity and beyond.

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My Sincere Gratitude…

Special thanks to Eve Jerram and Westie (Chestnut) from Hout Bay.

And Marian Vermeulen and her Cappie (Bay), who is now resting peacefully.

My photo’s are priceless and forever. 

You are all in my heart, always. 

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Sarah Doyle from Windstar Sport Horse Stud with her homebred exotic coloured warmbloods, seen here.

They have blessed me with their love and symbiotic healing through their presence and the photos you see on this site.

Windstar Sport Horse Stud

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To all the animals and owners that have gifted me with many hours of experience.

You have taught me that faith, trust and belief in the impossible are indeed possible.

Keep coming and consult by consult we will all grow.

I pray that together we can keep awakening the awareness of the natural world that lives in and around us.

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To all my animals that have crossed my path and all the animals that have enhanced and fulfilled my life, my heart would not be the same were it not for you.

I see you, I see your essence, I see your truth, I see your soul, and I love you always.

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To my brother, Oloff, you believed in me from the start, even though it was hard for you to understand. You said one day that perhaps you would still have to learn to trust what I say I can do. But you also said you trusted me; if I said it was real, you believed in me. You have put everything I needed in place to make it happen. I love you, and I will be forever grateful for your support.

To your phenomenal wife, Willene, there are no words for how much you have held my hand while I have grown. Your invaluable advice and the hours you spent on making my dream the best we could make it. I am blessed to have you in our lives.

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To my mother and father, without question, no matter how hard, you have supported and helped in so many ways. You always have, and I know you always will because you have taught me what family is about. I love you more than words can say. I could not have been blessed with better parents.

To my eldest brother and his wife, thank you for making things happen for me on the farm when I needed horses and men to help me make the pictures in my head become a reality.

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To all the farm workers on De Put, my parent’s farm. For not always understanding but going with the flow regardless because you wanted to give me what I needed.

A special thank you to Jerome Pieterse for all your help and dedication, even when you thought I’d lost it.

And to Ajay Jonkers, a special friend and talented young man who got his wings way too soon. God knew your heart was too good for this earth.

We miss you and your vibrant energy every day, my friend.

I find the feathers you leave on my desk, and I know you are helping from above, just as we had dreamed.

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To Ivo Visic, my best friend, for all the guidance, patience and calm you bring to me.

Were it not for you, my journey and energy awareness wouldn’t have started when it did.

You have been instrumental in guiding me to be my authentic self.

To Gillian Vosloo, who started this journey with me, my life advisor in many ways.

Our paths were meant to move apart, but our hearts never will.

To Abigail and Tiffany, for motivating me to follow my truth and helping me build it.

And then a special thank you to Con and our blended family.

Con, you are my rock. My man.

The one who holds me up when I’m tired or sick.

You bring me back to earth when my dreams get too big.

You have supported me wholeheartedly and without question.

I know what it has taken, and am forever grateful for you.

You who bought back my spark and fight for life.

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I now know that true love is real, and you let me feel it when I thought it was gone.

You showed me that I could make a believer out of even you if my faith was strong enough.

You have my heart.

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To my beautiful children, who often had to go without time and attention to help mommy finish her work.

You do it because you understand, in some way, as small as you are.

God has gifted you both with the ability to hear those around you and even though it can be overwhelming at times, you keep learning and growing because you trust indefinitely.

You see the world with eyes wide open. I pray God will show me how to guide you to accept and develop your gifts better than I ever could.

I love you to Infinity and Beyond forever and always, my girls.

This is all for you.

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To my four helpers, every day, you are by my side and supporting me through our consultations.

Your help is invaluable, and your love is priceless.

I love each of you in all your differences with all that I am.

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And most of all, to God, who is the One who taps me on my shoulder and whispers in my ear every day when I lose sight of the goal.

I’m proud that You are my light, and I am not shy to tell the world everything I am, is because of You.

I promise to try to live every day as You wish me to.

After a lot of hardship and lessons, You put in my way, I trust and believe; I have faith over fear, just as You tell me every day.

Eventually, I hear You, and I accept the real me.

Because of Your guidance, at last, I see myself.

To all of you who happen across this site,

may something in these pages

awaken your awareness.

May you see our animals’ beauty

and realise the importance of

truly appreciating the world

around you and within you.

Quiet your mind.

Open your heart.


And listen.

That will make all the difference.

Thank you for joining my journey.

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