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“Look at animals kindly, and they will see.

Talk to animals gently, and they will listen.”

A.D. Williams

General Consultation Questions

How Accurate are Connection Sessions?

FAQs -

By communicating with your animal, Milyn translates a message to you. The message is never wrong, but as they show Milyn pictures that she can relate to, many of her personal experiences are involved because this is how they can help her relate. Some of the information your animal relays may be unclear to her. The imagery might, however, be blatantly clear to you, the owner!

Milyn will need your help to assemble the pieces shown to her to understand and make sense of the information. The translation thus becomes a puzzle that the two of you solve together as a team, working towards your animal’s well-being.

The animals are never wrong, nor is the picture that is portrayed. When information does not resonate, you and Milyn may have overlooked something and must keep digging until it makes sense or be prepared to wait until things do fit. People often speak to Milyn months, even years, after readings and report that the answers became clear.

Although Milyn has a natural affinity to interspecies communication, she acts purely as an instrument or vessel for healing and guidance from and for your animal. It is understandable to doubt the process, but rest assured, the goal is to help and guide you and your animal first and foremost. Trust is the cornerstone of this work. Trust in the infinite possibilities that the universe holds. Trust in Milyn’s ability. Trust in your animal and trust in the process itself.

Will a Connection Consult Include Info About me?

Very often, our animals are affected by our own business. Be prepared for things to get personal, as most animals are concerned about your well-being and other loved ones, people, and animals alike. Remember that because animals are telepaths, they do not need to be around everyone in your life to know about them. They pick up on everything in your mind and heart, even the toast you burnt in the morning or your leaky shower that your husband keeps forgetting to fix. They may know of things you have forgotten or were just fleeting thoughts.  They don’t miss a thing and often show Milyn information to show you; they know all of you.

Our animals are very aware of our lives and struggles, and should they see it as a service to you, they will offer their advice! They will never give Milyn information they know is not for her ears. Regardless, Milyn always maintains a strict patient confidentiality ethic. Know that the advice comes from your animal and not from Milyn. She is an animal communicator and relays their messages alone.

Milyn and the animals believe everything done in this life should only be for the greater good of all involved.

FAQs -

Is One Session Enough?

That will depend on you and your animal; feedback may be overwhelming and lead to more questions, but Milyn will relay information at a pace you can both cope with as long as you remain within the initially booked timeframe. If you have any pressing questions during feedback, Milyn can answer those on the spot. However, should you have new problems unrelated to the current reading, please keep track of them to address in a follow-up connection.

Most clients, both animal and owner, experience the need for a follow-up session to assess the progress and answer any questions you still might have. These sessions are typically recommended about 4 to 8 weeks after the initial reading unless your animal should require it sooner or later.

Can Milyn Tell my Animal What to do?

Please be sure to understand that telepathy is not “mind control”.

Milyn cannot push thoughts or feelings onto your animal. She can only ask for what is desired, as should you as the owner. She firmly believes you don’t tell an animal; you ask it and applies this in all her work. “Can you tell my dog to urinate outside, please”…the answer is NO. In cases such as this, Milyn often works with the animal allowing it to explain its reason for distress and resultant acting out. Removing the causative factor.

Will There be any Additional or Hidden Costs?

It is recommended that we do a follow up session with all the same requirements 6-8 weeks post our first session to monitor what you have done and to progress your exercise regime. This will be at the same cost as the first session.

What is a Problem Animal?

In an animal’s natural state, it is not mean or nasty. Humans teach them this negativity, albeit through the negative thinking that only humans can do or through actual emotional and/or physical abuse. Milyn’s approach to working with “problem animals” is to allow the animal to explain its reason for distress and resultant acting out. Removing the causative factor leading to an animal’s adverse behaviour can change the entire journey’s outcome. However, it should be considered that regardless of the above, behaviour may become learnt.

 Our animals speak to us all the time; all species do. Most of us have just forgotten how to listen to them and hear what they say. They often feel frustrated because we cannot hear, and they will show us in ways they hope we can understand. The nature of most animals is to please. When they repetitively act up, they are doing so for a reason. And they are trying to bring your attention to that restriction, limitation, pain, and unhappiness so that you can help them resolve their problem.

 If a specific behaviour has become the new norm for the animal, finding the cause does help resolve their tension. Still, you may need to be referred to an animal behaviourist to assist in ending the pattern of adverse behaviour through positive reinforcement that has been reinforced and learnt.

FAQs -

Equine/Animal Connection Consultation

What is Telepathy?

Telepathy is the communication of thoughts and ideas by means other than the known senses, therefore, it is the transmission of information from one being to another without using any known physical human sensory channels or physical interaction. For me it is the sixth sense aka  intuition.

How is Telepathy Performed Remotely?

“Many studies have shown EEG interconnectivity between two individuals at a distance. Whatever the healer is doing seems to be transmitted to the patient.  The Distance Intentional Connection Experiment using Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) seems to support the notion of distance healing.” Su Mason

Electromagnetism is a branch of Physics that deals with electromagnetic forces between electrically charged particles. A photo has electromagnetic frequencies, and these consequent vibrations enable Milyn to use telepathic electromagnetic forces to read and sense the frequencies of the animals from the image. Because animal communication is an energetic/telepathic occurrence, it can take place regardless of the physical proximity of the sender and receiver. Milyn reports that she prefers to do a session remotely, away from disturbances and distractions. Just her and her patient.

Who can Talk to Animals?

It took a long time for Milyn to realise the difference between thinking with her head and following her gut. Obtaining a physio degree, she was trained to think, but her journey with treating tissue started her understanding that feeling got her further than thinking. Going with her gut got better results than going with the book.

Even Milyn struggled to accept the concept when introduced to animal communication. She started to hear once she quietened her mind, let go of logic and started trusting. Becoming aware and believing that it is possible and then trusting it all, is the key to hearing.

If you can center yourself, move out of your mind and into your heart, and be present in the current moment, aware of all going on in and around you, it is enough to create the space to recognise what is being sent your way and finally see what has been right in front of you all this time. This is when you can effectively communicate with animals.

The process of interspecies communication in itself is a gift, but who and how to do it can be taught through specific meditative techniques to any of us.

Why do I Need to use an Animal Communicator?

Animal communicators can assist with a variety of disorders.

Some owners use animal communication simply to “check in” at times and hear what their animals have to share.

Most come to Milyn with either emotional or physical dilemmas. She is often the last resort and is regularly booked by sceptic owners, having tried everything else but wanting to avoid giving up on their animals.  Imagine the amount of time, money, and pain that could be spared by first asking your animal. 

Animal communication does not replace veterinary care, but all veterinary professionals involved could experience a simpler journey if the various approaches were used in conjunction with telepathy.

Sometimes the most mundane things can create considerable unhappiness for your animals and are quickly resolved if one can become aware of and understand the world from their perspective. “The biggest gift you can give your animal, and yourself is to allow them to be heard. You strengthen and nurture your animal-human connection more than you could ever imagine possible.”

What Can Patients Expect to Feel After a Consultation?

You and your animal may experience some changes in your body and/or your emotions after a connection consultation. Most clients may feel lighter, have more energy, experience less pain and generally feel more positive. However, it is possible that after an emotional and/or physical purge, you and/or your animal will experience some signs and symptoms of detoxing. Sometimes the expected impact is purely emotional, and animals and people alike will experience a shift in their mood. A physical detox is also possible; one may experience sleeplessness, fatigue, increased sensations of pain and discomfort, diarrhoea, thirst, and/or headaches.

It is essential during this time to try and avoid medication for the symptoms unless it really can’t be helped. Be sure to drink lots of water.

Supporting the animal through this process of alignment is vital. Owners should also be mindful of what they are experiencing and be kind to themselves. Anxiety, doubt and/or fear will cause heightened stress for all, causing the balancing of human and animal systems to become more complex.

Milyn is the conduit to the energy your bodies need to discard or align to reach harmony between the body, mind, and soul. When or how the release happens is not in her hands.

Symptoms settle within 24 to 72 hours, and a significant change may be experienced for the better. Ultimately you will only see the actual effect of a session about a week after all systems have balanced physically and emotionally. Once the animal’s requests have been tended to, and they have been able to speak their needs, there will often be a change in personality and behaviour. Clients who hear their animal’s need fare much better than those who listen but don’t put it into practice.

What Should my Animal be Doing While Milyn is Communicating?

Animals are brilliant multitaskers, and through experience, Milyn has found that they can carry on with their regular daily routine while she communicates. She will very quickly be able to pick up if your animal is not in the right place or time to effectively communicate and will, without hesitation, reschedule your appointment. But they don’t have to sit waiting by the phone for her, so to speak!

FAQs -

Equine Movement Analysis Consultation

Can Milyn Assess Gait Through Video Footage?

When you have booked a “Know Your Horse” or “Movement Analysis” consultation, in the first part of your consultation, Milyn has already connected with your horse. Albeit through the Equine connection, covering all aspects of your horse’s well-being or applying the intuitive body scan. Therefore, she has seen how it moves in her mind’s eye. Also, your horse has already described its limitations and struggles regarding its movement and your riding style to Milyn. So, she already has a good indication of what to expect.

Milyn can then confirm her findings with what she sees visually without needing to physically be with your horse.

Regardless of Milyn’s ability to telepath, she has assisted clients and their horses for many years via video imaging with great success. It has immensely helped many of her clients living in remote areas without access to professionals. She is trained to see even the slightest asymmetry in movement and has an excellent sense of musculoskeletal restrictions. Milyn says that the horse’s movement pattern holds all the answers and always has for her. She can see this on video well, given that the videos are taken as stipulated. From here on, Milyn has a good idea of whether she needs to refer you to other professionals or if she can provide you with tailor-fit rehabilitation to remedy your and your horse’s problems.

What Happens if My Horse is Lame?

Movement analysis sessions are aimed at optimising movement. They are not meant to act diagnostically or replace a lameness assessment, which Milyn is not qualified to perform, nor could she even attempt this remotely. If you are unaware and your horse should present with a lameness, Milyn will provide the necessary management advice and recommend veterinary assistance. Veterinary care is always the first choice regarding proper diagnostics, evaluation, and treatment. However, telepathy may still help to guide you in the right direction when you don’t know where to start.  

Why do I Need to Stretch my Horse and/or Myself?

Pain, restrictions and discomfort influence normal movement patterns and lead to dysfunctional movement patterns that become learnt and habitual. Body tissue works with the concept of cellular memory.
To oppose this magnificent physiological phenomenon, re-education of the body tissue is needed to enhance correct movement post-treatment.

The body needs to be reminded and stimulated to know that after treatment, pain is gone, and restriction is no longer there; there is no reason to continue with dysfunctional movement patterns.
Because of this intrinsic cellular memory, re-education is advised through specific stretching and exercise to suit each individual needs.

Stretching redeems the correct balance of tension across muscles and joints. It promotes energy flow and increased circulation and as quickly as one, two, three and mobility returns.
Once suppleness is obtained, it may be easily maintained by incorporating the correct work into your daily routine.

How Much Time Will I Need to do These Exercises?

Most of the riders Milyn has worked with spend a minimum of an hour with their horses daily or at least 3 times a week. An hour is more than enough time to get everything done for the day, and yes, you may have to minimise your regular training regime for a while, depending on what she finds. However, most exercises can be done in conjunction with standard training. Milyn highly recommends you do all your homework to show your horse your commitment and dedication to your relationship. Getting your groom to do some work to assist you is possible. Ultimately the goal is not just a healthy animal but also to deepen your connection.

Note that you may be advised to do some body work on yourself. Your animal will most likely inform Milyn of your physical restrictions and complaints. As a human physiotherapist, it is common for her to recommend specific exercises or further referrals to address your physical or emotional challenges. Milyn understands the time limitations in life today and will adjust the exercise to be as time effective as possible.

What Should Every Sportsman Know About Horses?

Being a team requires a team approach. To achieve any goal to the highest of its potential, a team needs to work in unison on all levels. This means that physically and psychologically, you and your horse need to be open to each other and allow the integration of your two beings. To reach your maximum potential, three things are required…

  1. Ensure that your body helps your horse to move instead of restricting his/her movement.
  2. Ensure that your horse is in a physical comfort zone, has no pain, and his/her movement is not restricted. That goes for you too.
  3. Do not exclude the possibility that your horse understands you on every level possible, and use this to your advantage.

Optimal comfort leads to optimum performance.

How do I achieve these goals:

  1. Aiming to have your physical strength and flexibility complement your horse’s movement. Do the proper exercise and stretching for you,
  2. Aim for the same goal with your horse’s body.
  3. Being a horseman comes so naturally. Seeing these mammals for what they are instantly opens you up to a certain degree of awareness and understanding. This is your most important challenge. Recognise your teammate as an equal, and you have won 75% of your final goal.


FAQs -

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