I first contacted Milyn about my personal horse, Crown, who I was worried about. He looked depressed and not very happy. It turned out that he was losing sight, so he was suddenly ducking out of jumps. I promptly retired him from jumping and focused on dressage.

We both entered our first dressage show in March this year. First show for me in forty-seven years.

We came away from that show with two firsts, a second and two thirds. I subsequently asked Milyn to help me with several other horses in my yard.

Minister Without, Fly Over and Raven were some of the few.

Milyn discovered that Fly Over was toxic inside. And as a result, not putting on any weight. Blood tests were done, and the results proved her translation was correct. After feedback, we adjusted his feed, and he started putting on weight immediately.

Raven had had a bad fall, and after six weeks of intense, stable rest, lots of dressings and antibiotics, he looked like he was on the mend. Sadly he had a turn for the worst when septicaemia set in. And then the final hard decision had to be made. Milyn spoke to Raven; her translation gave us great calm, and although never easy, it certainly lifted our spirits as we let him run free.

There have only been success stories, thanks to Milyn.

She has become a very special friend to all of my animals and especially to me personally.

Thank you, Milyn, from the bottom of my heart, for helping us all to heal. Don’t know how I could have managed without you. Love you lots.

Lynne Purchase

First Show in 47 years -

Dancing with Tissue: Animal and Self-Awareness Retreat

Dancing with tissue is the most liberating way to solidify your unity with your animal. It teaches you to understand the workings of the connection between the body (tissue), the mind and the soul of you and your animal, creating a more profound awareness for both of you and the influences of the world around you.
First Show in 47 years -
It frees you emotionally and physically from limitations by helping you understand the connection of all 3 aspects of who you are.
The retreat aims at improving your bond and performance as a team and unit by deepening your relationship through the awareness of touch by dancing with tissue.
Dancing with Tissue is a program for horse owners and animal owners alike who would like to gain a deeper connection with their animals through the power of intentional touch and a thorough understanding of all aspects of our lives.
To see all our courses on offer, click below. Knowing is our course focued on teaching you how to communciate to your animals.

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