Equine Movement Analysis

Ride Free of Worry and Resistance

Tailormade Equine Rehabilitation


Analysis of your horses’ movement restrictions with the aim of helping it

reach its optimal physical potential.

Every rider dreams of a ride free of worry and resistance. This consultation can bring you closer to that dream. The Movement Analysis Consultation brings you and your horse awareness regarding the physical restrictions you may be experiencing as a team, as opposed to other consultations that approach the psyche also.
We as humans experience various aches and pains daily that affect, for one thing, our overall physical performance. It is the same for our horses. The only difference is that they don’t have a voice to complain about their discomfort. Or do they, and we just can’t hear?
Milyn can use her animal telepathic and intuitive abilities to ask the necessary questions and do a full virtual movement assessment addressing the answers to your needs and limitations.
She advocates the balance of the body, mind and soul but sees the need for many clients to be guided in the right direction, albeit with less ideal intervention than other consultations.
Be cognizant that this is NOT a complete reading, and the information you receive will be more limited than other equine consultations. This consult will focus on musculoskeletal restrictions alone.
You will receive a tailor-made rehabilitation program focused on eliminating movement barriers. The aim is to limit physical constraints and challenges to achieve suppleness and strength in movement for a better riding experience while keeping your costs as low as possible.

1. Two Approaches - One Answer

2. Unique Body Scan Applied

3. Intuition Combined with Physio

4. Virtual Equine Movement Analysis

5. Identify and Confirm Restrictions

6. Elimination of Movement Barriers

7. Post-analysis Feedback via Video Call

8. Tailor-made Rehabilitation Program

9. Follow-up support recommended

10. Reach Optimal Physical Potential

11. Achieve Suppleness and Strength

12. Ride Free of Worry and Resistance

Booking a Know Your Horse consultation is highly recommended for the complete approach. It allows your horse to relay everything it struggles with within all aspects of life, not just its physical restrictions. Should you wish to understand your horse, deepen your connection, and rule out physical and systemic constraints, the Know Your Horse consultation is ideal and comes highly recommended. However, Milyn has created this more affordable “shortcut” , the “Movement Analysis”, to support those who do not necessarily have that luxury. For more information on the “Know Your Horse” consultation, click below.
Equine Movement Analysis -
Equine Movement Analysis -
Once you understand your horse’s perspective on everything in its life, you can resolve your challenges, frustrations, and culminating roadblocks. Milyn will guide you to see the world from a different and alternate perspective by awakening your awareness.
Should you wish to understand your horse more and deepen your connection through a body, mind and soul awareness of one another, The Equine Connection  Consultation is for you.
“When you train a horse on a daily basis, you’re a part of the horse’s movement; you’re a part of his motion.
Everything that the horse experiences is coming from you.
There is a total connection – a true friendship – and the connection touches the soul completely.” Karen O
Equine Movement Analysis -

What Makes the Movement Analysis Consultation Different?

Equine Movement Analysis -
In this consultation, Milyn will perform an intuitive body scan of your horse which is different to other consults unless asked for by the animal. This entails an energetic connection and consequent description by the animal of its physical signs and symptoms related to the musculoskeletal system.
Milyn will attempt to identify the affected body parts and the nature of the problem, i.e., soft tissue or bone. She continues to ask questions about the physical body and possible causes of restrictions and then allows you to ask 3 physically-related questions regarding your horse.
Milyn then assesses your expressly stipulated video footage and closely analyses any movement restrictions and their causes through her two approaches: intuition and physiotherapy. She will use animal communication skills to complement her visual findings and vast experience as a physiotherapist in formulating a plan forward.
Once Milyn has completed the body scan and video analysis, you will have a 30-minute feedback session to discuss her findings and recommendations.
You will be left with a tailor-fit rehabilitation program to achieve suppleness and strength, encouraging a ride free of worry or resistance.

Are you:

Dedicated to achieving better movement in your ride?

Motivated that your horse should be pain-free and comfortable?

Willing to spend the time to achieve the best for you and your horse as a team?

Able to do some heavy lifting to gain the desired results?

Potentially willing to work on your own body to ensure your horse is comfortable?

Ready to commit to the work needed on the ground to encourage your horse’s optimal alignment?

Willing to accept guidance and learn through experience and intuition.

Then this is the consultation for you.

Equine Movement Analysis -

We met Milyn though a fellow livery at our yard.
I had been battling with my boy for some time, on and off lameness, tripping, and sluggishness.
Multiple vets, joint injections, corrective shoeing, and supplements later, we weren’t any further in understanding what the cause could be.
So, I reached out to Milyn, having nothing to lose. Milyn connected with our boy and to say our minds were blown is an understatement.
I have always believed that our horses communicate and are sentient and the session with Milyn proved just that.
Milyn was able to, by communicating to our boy, pinpoint almost to the vertebrae where the problem was. 
Leo said, stop looking at my feet, it’s in my neck!
Off to the vet we went and got x-rays, and well, exactly where Milyn guided us too, we found the arthritic changes in his neck which caused a narrowing in the channels where the nerve ran through.
This impacted the signals going down to his front feet.  
The vet confirmed the diagnosis, and we treated the inflammation in the neck by doing injections under sonar.
Leo is now back in work; he walks confidently and proudly, and I am forever grateful for Milyn and the gift that she has. Over and above finding my boys problem, the session with Milyn changed my life forever.  We are so much more connected that we could ever imagine.
Anli van der Westhuizen
Equine Movement Analysis -

What Results Can You Expect?

An Individually tailored action plan to suit your needs

A Recommended suppling program

A Deeper connection between animal and owner

A Profound understanding of the world in and around you

An Improved performance level with better focus

Peace of mind about what your animal really needs and wants

A Strengthening program to address physical weakness

Greater clarity about what is needed to improve your relationship

A More fluid ride, moving as one.

Reach your true potential together

To see what your full consultation includes, what you can expect in the whole process and what steps to follow to go ahead with a booking, click below.

Can Milyn Assess a Horse’s gait just Through Video Footage?

When you have booked a “Know Your Horse” or “Movement Analysis” consultation, in the first part of your consultation, Milyn has already connected with your horse. Albeit through the Equine connection, covering all aspects of your horse’s well-being or applying the intuitive body scan. Therefore, she has seen how it moves in her mind’s eye.
Also, your horse has already described its limitations and struggles regarding its movement and your riding style to Milyn. So, she already has a good indication of what to expect. This is more applicable to the “Know Your Horse” consultation but also relevant to the “Movement Analysis”.
Milyn can then confirm her findings with what she sees visually without the need to physically be with your horse.
Equine Movement Analysis -
Regardless of Milyn’s ability to telepath, she has assisted clients and their horses for many years via video imaging with great success. It has immensely helped many of her clients living in remote areas without access to equine professionals. She is trained to see even the slightest asymmetry in movement and has an excellent sense of musculoskeletal restrictions. From here on, Milyn has a good idea of whether she needs to refer you to other professionals or if she can provide you with a tailor-fit rehabilitation program to remedy you and your horse’s problems.


“The horse’s movement pattern holds all the answers and always has for me. I can see this well on video recordings, given that the videos are taken as stipulated.” Milyn

Equine Movement Analysis -

What Happens if my

Horse is Lame?

Movement analysis sessions are aimed at optimising movement.
They are not meant to act diagnostically or replace a lameness assessment, which Milyn is not qualified to perform, nor could she even attempt this remotely.
If you are unaware and your horse should present with a lameness, Milyn will provide the necessary management advice and recommend veterinary assistance.
Veterinary care is always the first choice regarding proper diagnostics, evaluation, and treatment.
Equine Movement Analysis -
Milyn is happy to draw up a veterinary report to give professional feedback on her findings if within the stipulated consultation timeframe.
Telepathy may still help to guide you in the right direction when you don’t know where to start.  

PDF Tutorials

Purchase and download Step-by-Step instructions on equine stretching and strengthening routines for you and your horse.

PDF tutorials are available after years of implementation and practice in the field.

These programmes have been created with the help of the horses Milyn has treated, their direct feedback, and her vast experience as an equine expert/physiotherapist in the equine fraternity.

This is not the straightforward approach to equine stretching but considers your body and your connection to your horse to achieve the most effective physical and emotional responses.

Don’t forget that for your horse to move at its best, it requires no restriction, including you. Make sure you have regular physiotherapy and biokinetics sessions if you have limitations post-injury or pain symptoms.

We recommend our Rider’s Suppling Program to maintain your body to encourage the deepest seat and, therefore, the best connection with your horse. Click below to read Milyn’s blog for more information on the rider’s body.

Equine Movement Analysis -

Still can’t see the light?

We understand. It is a lot to process if you have never dealt with this side of life.
Read some of our heartwarming client stories and see if you can relate. So many have been afraid but take the leap with no regrets.
They have experienced their eyes opening to the beauty within and around us through the gifts our animals bless us with daily.

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson


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Follow-Up sessions are essential to keep track of all progress and further develop the growth already achieved or rule out any potential confusion and struggles remaining.
Follow-up sessions are recommended 4-6-8 weeks after the initial evaluation and rehabilitation program, depending on the complexity of each specific case.
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