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Purchase and download Step-By-Step instructions

on stretching and strengthening routines

for you and your horse.

Body Awareness For Horses

Download the 10 Do’s & Don’t’s for Equine Stretching

Proper stretching practices correct a horse’s balance and reduces tension across it’s muscles and joints.

This guide will teach you how to properly prepare yourself and your horse for implementing an effective and safe habit of daily stretching.

Apply what you learn and enjoy a lifetime of joy and performance with your active, healthy & happy horse.

Rehabilitation Tutorials -
Rehabilitation Tutorials -
These Equine Rehabilitation programmes have been created with the help of the horses Milyn has treated, their direct feedback, and her vast experience as a physiotherapist in the equine fraternity.
This is not a straightforward approach to stretching. You may have been taught to stretch a horse before, but have you been shown the secrets of perfecting your stretch.
To ensure that instead of a struggle, you share a bonding experience and learn to communicate through touch and breath to achieve the most effective physical and emotional responses.
Check in on this page regularly, as it will keep growing as you will, too, the more you learn.
Rehabilitation Tutorials -

The following Equine Rehabilitation PDF tutorials are available after years of

implementation and practice in the field.

Be sure you have downloaded the 10 does and dont’s of stretching below before attempting any of the purchasable stretches, as it clearly explains the right and wrong way to do things.

There are a few options of usage. Click to read Milyn's recommendations.
    Stand-alone tutorials:
    • Neck and shoulders Exercises
    • The Hind Quarter Stretching Exercises
    • Bonding Exercises
    These stretches are recommended regularly. It is essential to remember that stretches should be applied after strengthening any muscle. In an ideal world and with a horse that will allow you so much time, I recommend stretching before and after any of the strengthening exercises. Some research shows that stretching before muscle strengthening may increase the effect of muscle development. The latest research indicates that static stretches before performance may decrease achievement. When at a show, warm up through work and stretch after your show. For rehabilitation, I would advise stretching before and after strengthening. The following exercises I recommend to most clients to improve balance and stability are highly recommended for body awareness stimulation of your horse.
    1. Lumbosacral mobility and abdominal strengthening
    2. Advanced Abdominal Stability Exercises (passive)
    3. Dynamic Stability Exercises – in Hand and Ridden exercises coming soon
    4. The Pelvic Rehabilitation program can be used if you have problems with your horse’s pelvic alignment. It is filled with the tricks of the trade. Using it with the stability exercises for at least 6 weeks has always resolved the pelvic restrictions I have treated.
    Rehabilitation Tutorials -

    10 Do's and Dont's For Stretching

    FREE Download

    Rehabilitation Tutorials -

    Bonding Exercises

    Download PDF for R99 / $9

    Rehabilitation Tutorials -

    Hind Quarter Stretching Exercises

    Download PDF for R99 / $9

    Rehabilitation Tutorials -

    Lumbosacral Mobility & Abdominal Strengthening Exercises

    Download PDF for R99 / $9

    Rehabilitation Tutorials -

    Neck and Shoulders Exercises

    Download PDF for R127 / $12

    Rehabilitation Tutorials -

    Rider Suppling Exercise Program

    Download PDF for R127 / $12 R89 / $8

    Rehabilitation Tutorials -

    Advanced Abdominal Stability Exercises

    Download PDF for R127 / $12

    Rehabilitation Tutorials -

    Pelvic Rehabilitation Exercises

    Download PDF for R127 / $12

    Rehabilitation Tutorials -

    Furthermore, regarding healthy rehabilitation, we recommended supplying bodywork to be done, by yourself, on your horses. See the following video for clear examples of relaxation techniques. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to keep receiving the tricks of the trade.

    Rehabilitation Tutorials -
    When in doubt, i.e. if your horse responds negatively to any of the recommended work, please call the appropriate equine professional. If you are sure your horse’s problem is musculoskeletal with resultant movement restrictions, contact your local qualified physiotherapist.
    If your horse should be presenting with a lameness, please do not hesitate to contact your vet and solve the problem with the proper diagnostics from the beginning.
    Happy rehabilitation, everyone. Email Milyn at should you have any questions. Book an Equine Movement Analysis consultation or the Know Your Horse combination consultation for the intuitive and rehabilitative approach.
    Click below  to book a consultation so that Milyn may evaluate your horse’s movement and customise your rehabilitation program for you and your horse. 
    Rehabilitation Tutorials -

    Top Tip

    Don’t forget that for your horse to move at its best, it requires no restriction, including you.

    Make sure you have regular physiotherapy and biokinetics sessions if you have limitations post-injury or pain symptoms. Milyn recommends her rider’s suppling program above to maintain your body to encourage the deepest seat and, therefore, the best connection with your horse.

    Watch the video below for more information on the rider’s body.

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