“I have known Milyn since around 2008 and cannot recommend her enough. 

She has treated numerous horses of mine, from dry needling to massage and physio, and since I took on many rescue horses, Milyn certainly had her hands full with callouts from me.

Milyn is calm, gentle, and patient, can read your horse’s thoughts and feelings, and knows how your horse will react to certain things.

She always thoroughly explained the treatment she was giving and clearly demonstrated the exercises I needed to carry out with my horses. 

Milyn has always been exceptionally professional but incredibly friendly and generous with her time.

There is not a horse to date that I have had that Milyn has not been successful in treating; I would highly recommend her for any treatment as well as readings, as she has been 100% accurate in “talking” to our horses over photographs since she has moved away from our area.

My new Chiro and Physio have agreed with her in all aspects of where the horses are experiencing discomfort and pain. 

Milyn has a gift, and I hope she will continue using it.”

Tanja Fuchs

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