I met Milyn a few months after I got Lucky Charm in 2009.

The stable owner at that stage told me that the physiotherapist they were using could also communicate with horses. As I bought Lucky almost straight from the track, I thought having a physio session would benefit him. I didn’t believe in the animal communication thing. So I told them they could book a session with Milyn for physio.

 The day Milyn came out, I got a call from the stables, and they said that my horse wanted to speak to me. Still sceptical of it all, I decided I would go and hear anyway…

 The first thing that Lucky had to say was that he was delighted at his new home and that he was now mine.

The second thing was that “the other day, my guardian angel – an old woman, was looking out for me”. This refers to a day that I went to the stables, on the one road towards the robot; I couldn’t decide in which lane I wanted to be, but then just said to myself – just stay in this lane. This is when a cement truck, which brakes had failed, came flying by from behind.

The third thing he said is that I should come earlier on the days that I am riding and that I need to clear my head as he struggles to understand what I want from him. Milyn said she didn’t know in which line my work was, but he showed her many numbers, which confused him…  (I am an accountant, and Milyn did not know this. )

After all this, I was still sceptic; I thought anyone at the stables could have told her what I did for a living before I got there and about the almost accident I had on the way to the stables that one day…

So here is the thing that changed my mind:

The last thing Lucky showed Milyn was a girl with a book under a tree, and Milyn said she got a feeling of frustration and/or disappointment from Lucky, and she was not sure what he was trying to say by it. Now, the day I went to fetch Lucky Charm for the very first time, I rode with him in the horsebox to his new home. It was just me and him in the horsebox, and I thought it would be nice going out to the stables – especially on days I am not riding – to sit in the veld with my horse and just read and relax with him. I never told this to anyone. It was a thought that I had, and I didn’t even know then that Lucky would be able to pick up on that… I never did get to the stables with a book to read in the veld with my horse, and obviously, that is what he was trying to show Milyn. “I am upset, as she promised she would spend time with me in the veld reading books”. NO ONE COULD HAVE KNOWN THIS except me (and then it dawned on me, my horse).

I got chills all over my body!!! This profound experience has left a lasting impression – thank you, Milyn!!

And thank you for reassuring me that even though Lucky has passed on, he is still by my side!!

Alta Cloete


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