“When you take your dog into the vet thinking that she has eaten something causing an obstruction – you insist on them doing an x-ray. You do not expect the outcome to be cancer!!

They want to put your dog down on the same day.  I needed time to say farewell and walked out with my pup. Scared I was causing her pain, I recalled that Milyn could connect with my pup and communicate with her. I immediately phoned her and sent a picture of Levi.

The peace of mind Milyn gave me was such a relief as I would always have questioned myself.

I later got another SPCA pup – he became troublesome, and I called Milyn without hesitation. 

This reading blew my mind.  The things shared with her were things only me and Gizmo knew.

The knowledge of what your animal is going through is so powerful.

Milyn’s sheer love for living beings is something to behold.”

Tania Rodger

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