“Milyn was working with my other dog Lienka when Mr Sam invited himself onto her lap and demanded that he, too, required healing.

Milyn complied, and the two had a connection like I had not seen before.

He responded so well to all she was guided to do with him and showed us clearly what he enjoyed and didn’t need.

Sam is a soul who deserves attention in return for his big heart.

Because Lienka was in so much pain (but camera shy), our focus was on her.

I didn’t even think that Sam would benefit because he had been hopping lame for so long with that right hip of his.

He gets his supplements, but more than that, there was not much else we could do.

Until through Milyn, he was blessed with healing.

Sam’s lameness disappeared for about 6 weeks before he started showing signs of mild discomfort again.”

Lzanne Jansen van Rensburg

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