When I tell people I have a horse communicator come work with my horse, they look at me as if I’m from planet Mars. However, watching Milyn work with any horse, especially your own, and seeing how in tune she is with these animals will change any stranger’s perspective. I got goosebumps watching her, and I am sure many others have experienced it too.

I own one problematic horse, who’s forever got one or other issue. Having a horse like this is very time-consuming, expensive and mentally draining. When I reached out to Milyn, most people who were involved with my horse and I felt lost and confused. No one knew what was happening with him and how we should proceed.

Cappy automatically liked her and was very fond of this calm lady talking to him. He shared a lot with her. Stuff that I knew was an issue and stuff that I had no idea about. She pinpointed everything that we have struggled with and was able to elaborate on everything. Remember, I didn’t share anything with her before our session.
Her calm, gentle, yet firm ways allow and encourage the horses to open up to her about their deepest concerns, worries, and the things they are proud of and love. The info she shared with me made so much sense; everything was related to current or previous issues.

Milyn has helped me as a rider so much. Understanding the horse you ride makes you feel like a different person. Knowing whether their behaviour is pain-related or not takes a lot of pressure off you as a rider, as it helps you handle every situation differently. I know that in case of her not working with him, I would still be punishing him for the wrong things and letting him get away with nonsense that I thought was pain-related.

Hearing what your horse thinks of you and knowing they are happy gives one such peace of mind. It just takes the pressure off knowing what they truly feel. I would highly recommend having Milyn work with any horse. Problematic or not. It is not only beneficial for the horses well-being, but so much for the owners too.

Marian Vermeulen

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