“Milyn and I have walked many challenging paths together, with various horses over the past 14 years and not to mention my dog, where Milyn stepped up and worked with us under very stressful conditions. Helping us all work as a team. Even identifying our own downfalls and development areas alongside our much-loved best friends. 

 My first introduction to Milyn was with my rescue Anker.  Totally misunderstood and lashing out. I had heard about Milyn but was reserved – until I tried, and goodness was I blown away and thank my lucky stars our paths crossed. 

 Working alongside Milyn, acknowledging and experiencing her gifted connection abilities,  we all are blessed.  

 Milyn always goes above and beyond.  Never defeated, no matter how long the process takes. Always working alongside us with phenomenal change for both horse and owner.  I have always embraced challenging yet unique horses.  Unintentionally being drawn to them and without Milyn, the connection and healing process would not have been transparent, let alone possible. 

 Whether your horse is acting up for unknown reasons of self-expression or you want to strengthen your bond and understand your horse or four-legged best friend,  Milyn comes highly recommended.

 Having assisted my daughter and me through many complicated and often dangerous circumstances, we can never thank Milyn enough for her assistance, participation and passion.”

 Teresa McNeill 

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