“We met Milyn through a fellow livery at our yard.

I had been battling with my boy for some time, on and off lameness, tripping, and sluggishness.

Multiple vets, joint injections, corrective shoeing, and supplements later, we weren’t any further in understanding what the cause could be.

So, I reached out to Milyn, having nothing to lose.

Milyn connected with our boy, and to say our minds were blown is an understatement.

I have always believed that our horses communicate and are sentient, and the session with Milyn proved just that.

Milyn was able to, by communicating with our boy, pinpoint almost to the vertebrae where the problem was. Leo said, stop looking at my feet. It’s in my neck!

We went to the vet and got x-rays, and well, precisely where Milyn guided us to, we found the arthritic changes in his neck, which caused a narrowing in the channels where the nerve ran through. This impacted the signals going down to his front feet.   The vet confirmed the diagnosis, and we treated the inflammation in the neck by doing injections under sonar.

Leo is now back in work; he walks confidently and proudly, and I am forever grateful for Milyn and the gift that she has.

Over and above finding my boy’s problem, the session with Milyn changed my life forever. We are so much more connected than we could ever imagine.”

Anli van der Westhuizen


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