“I used to say and still often hear people say, if only my horse or other pet animals could talk. Well, they can; we just need to be able to listen or use the means available to us to listen.

This is where an animal communicator such as Milyn plays an important role. Milyn was first introduced to my horse to assist with a physio treatment without ever meeting me or my horse. I also provided no background information before the session. I had heard that Milyn could communicate with animals and horses in particular but was sceptical. Needless to say, I was totally blown away when during the physio session on my horse, and without asking me any such question or having seen me ride, Milyn promptly told me how my horse would prefer that when my back hurt when I rode, I should get off and he can eat grass. I burst out laughing. I had never mentioned back pain, yet this was a 100% spot-on comment. Even with how it was expressed, I could see my horse’s personality showing and knew it was his comment.

As there are now many kilometres between us, Milyn has since assisted with communication with my horse simply through a photo. When my horse started behaving oddly when jumping, something he always loved and became unusually difficult to work with on the ground, I knew something was wrong, but I could not pinpoint the problem. Milyn and her ability to communicate with my horse was instrumental in identifying the problem, the extent of which could later be confirmed with x-rays, as well as understanding and addressing the behaviour I was seeing.

 If there was any scepticism left, this was dispelled with the most simple comments by Milyn following the communication session with my horse about random yet very personal things that I had never discussed with her nor made public in any way or form. In fact, I had not discussed or mentioned the issue to many, if any, persons.

 Animal communication is not a perfect art or science and sometimes requires some clarification and back and forth to get the correct answer.

Nevertheless, it, and especially Milyn, is invaluable in understanding my horse and getting answers when conventional methods cannot.”

 Lisa van Zuydam

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