“I am sceptical when people claim abilities ordinary folk can’t do.

When I heard about Milyn, I asked my friends if they would like her to come and speak to our horses, hoping she could communicate with them. A few horse owners could not be there the day she arrived. Now that was the 1st time I met Milyn, and we didn’t know each other from a soap bar. With the one horse, I started saying, “The owner is…. and Milyn abruptly stopped me and said she didn’t want any info about the owner. At this point, I was taken aback a little.

Then as she stood by the mare and spoke to her, I was gobsmacked with the information she relayed to me coming from the mare. There was no way she could have known any of the info unless of course if the mare actually did speak to her. As she went along listening to various horses, I was sold she was NO fraud.

She really can communicate with animals.

None of the information that came out of Milyn’s mouth was inaccurate.

She is a true blessing and amazing with people and animals.

I can testify about many such communications but will highlight the following. She came to speak to one of my horses a while later as he tended to take off like a bat out of hell with people who had some nasty falls. I knew he wasn’t a mean horse and needed to find out why he acted this way. He told her he had immense pain in his neck just below the pole.

With Milyn being a physio, she started treating my horse and gave me exercises to help him.

It was a great relief to discover the root cause of his bolting. He needed continuous treatment, but the bolting stopped when he had no pain.

I hold Milyn in very high regard as a communicator, human being, and now friend.”

Debbie Erleigh

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