“During the year 2019, our beloved dog, Afrikana, had some sort of spinal injury.  He was paralyzed in the lower part of his body.  He could not walk and had no control over his bodily functions.

We took him to a Vet, but she indicated minimal hope for recovery.  I refused to accept the detrimental outcome, and Milyn suggested she would care for our little dog.  He stayed with her for almost a month, and Milyn did physio and mostly used her alternative approach to nurse Afrikana back to health.

His bladder function returned within a week of treatment.  He was placed on a low dose of cortisone, but it did not have a significant effect until used in conjunction with therapy.

 Had it not been for Milyn, our little dog would not still be running around on the farm.”

 Noe-Noe Sieberhagen

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