Animal and Self Awareness Retreat

Awaken your Being and Open your Eyes

Transform to a world without boundaries

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened”
Author Unknown

Dancing with Tissue

Unlike any Animal or Horse Massage Course ever before!

Animal Awareness Retreat -

Dancing with Tissue is the most liberating way to solidify your unity with your animal. It teaches you to understand the workings of the connection between the body (tissue), the mind and the soul of you and your animal, creating a more profound awareness for both of you and the influences of the world around you. This course does not claim to solve all your problems, but awakening your awareness, which is the first step to facing that which either of you harbours in your heart, completely changes your perspective.

For Who is This Course?

This is not just another horse massage course. Dancing with Tissue is a program for horse owners and animal owners alike who would like to garner a deeper connection with their animals through the potential of intuitive touch and a thorough understanding of all aspects of our lives.

This course is not focused on horses alone, so feel free to join as a non-horseman; however, we constantly draw from horses’ wisdom and use them as inspiration.

This would be an extraordinary approach to include in your practice for therapists working on humans and animals if, and only if, you can leave your academic understanding at the door and learn to listen with your heart.

Animal Awareness Retreat -

Please note that although you can use the techniques to enjoy your own animals, human therapists will learn to perfect their feeling of touch.

In this specific course, my focus is mainly on the body, i.e. tissue and how that holds relation to what happens in the rest of us and our animals.

Animals, like people, have physical constraints and restrictions that lead to pain. Like humans, they need conditioning to reach and maintain their fullest potential. We aim awakening awareness in you both.

What are the Objectives of the Course?

To Improve your Animal-Human Connection

Refine your Intuitive Skills while Dancing with Tissue

Emotional and Physical Freedom from Limitations by Helping you Understand the Relationship between all 3 Aspects of Self

To Enhance your Team Performance

Learning to Engage your Heart Connection

To Contribute to your Animal's Healing and your Own

To Upgrade your Perspective on the Importance of the Balance of the Body, Mind and Soul

To Strengthen your Bond as a Unit

Animal Awareness Retreat -

How will you Achieve these Outcomes?

Through the Awareness and Understanding of your Animal's Body

Through Awareness and Understanding of your Own Body

By Awakening Awareness and Knowledge of Tissue Through Touch by Dancing with Tissue

Learn to Understand the Clues Given Through the Feel of the Skin, Hair and Connective Tissue

By Creating an Awareness of the Nature of your Animal's Release because it is Not all About Licking and Chewing

Animal Awareness Retreat -
Animal Awareness Retreat -
Animal Awareness Retreat -

Who will be your Course Facilitator?

That would be me. To learn more about me, click on the button below. In this hands-on course, I will draw from my professional knowledge and experience of the different dimensions I have lived with my people and animal patients.

I will share with you my journey on the path to awakening. My turmoil, my confusion and ultimately the growth that has consumed my life, the blessings I never saw until my eyes went truly open by allowing my authentic self to come forward through choosing to live in awareness of self.

 I will let you live my experiences through my teachings and guide you on genuinely embracing your animals’ hearts and show you the potential you have to welcome their spirit into your heart and yours into theirs when Dancing with Tissue.

This above all: to thine own self be true, And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man.” William Shakespeare

Animal Awareness Retreat -

What will you Learn?

Before you can do the basics,

which in actual fact aren’t as simple as you thought,

I will teach you:

A deeper understanding of the body and the tissue that holds it together

Basic knowledge of the muscular system

The How and Why of Breathwork

Handpicked, tried and tested tools to address musculoskeletal restrictions in yourself and your animals

Meditations to achieve body awareness

Rider-specific exercises applicable to all

How and why you need to ground, aka earth yourself

How to dance in awareness

The importance of balance and posture

How to intensify the efficacy of basic stretching and massage for home use (beneficial to therapists for humans and animals)

Suppling bodywork for your animal (we will be working on each other also)

Animal Awareness Retreat -

Afrikana’s Story

“During the year 2019 our beloved dog, Afrikana, had some sort of spinal injury.  He was paralyzed in the lower part of his body.  He could not walk and had no control over his bodily functions.

We took him to a Vet, but she indicated that there is minimal hope for recovery.  I refused to accept the detrimental outcome and Milyn indicated that she would take care of our little dog.  He stayed with her for almost a month and Milyn did physio and mostly used her alternative approach to nurse Afrikana back to health.

His bladder function returned within a week of treatment.  He was placed on a low dose of cortisone but it did not have a major effect until used in conjunction with therapy.

Had it not been for Milyn our little dog would not be running around on the farm.”

Noe-Noe Sieberhagen

Click on the video to see Milyn performing Intuitive Healing.

For more on Intuitive Healing, click below.

Animal Awareness Retreat -

Retreat Details

Our first course will be run from 22 to 24th September 2023.

The course will run for 2.5 days.

Friday 22nd September, our welcome is at 12h00 ending between 17h00 and 18h00.

Saturday and Sunday, the 23rd and 24th, are 2 full days, from 8h00 to 17h00 on Saturday and 8h00 to 16h00 on Sunday.

Our Venue is at Honingklip Equestrian on Honingklip Farm in Botriver.

Outrides may be booked but are not included in your price.


Walking trails are available for use during your visit.

Accommodation is available in the surrounding area. Suggestions to be provided on registration

See below facebook links for Honingklip farm and Equestrian.

Honingklip Equestrian

Honingklip Farm

The cost of the retreat will be R2500 excluding outrides.

 Full payment is required upfront by the course cut-off date as for final registration to secure your place.

The final date for registration for Honingklip course will be on 2 September 2023.

Bookings are limited to keep classes smaller and more personal. First come, first serve.

Should you wish to book, contact us below, and we will send you the registration details and invoice you directly.

It is an option to contact us to arrange a retreat at your own yard should you meet the requirements at an additional price for Milyn’s travelling and accommodation.

Animal Awareness Retreat -

Please Take Note of the Following:

I am a qualified physiotherapist. I am not registered as a veterinary physiotherapist. Please note that no treatment techniques will be taught. Practices intensify your bond and spoil your animal in an educated way.

This hands-on retreat will count as the online first course, the Authentic Self and therefore act as partial prerequisite for our online animal communication course, Knowing, available soon.

Online course 2 – Mindfulness and Meditation presented by physiotherapist and mindfulness couch, Ivo Visic is a prerequisite for Knowing. For more information on online courses, available soon, click below.

Animal Awareness Retreat -
Animal Awareness Retreat -

Carl Jung said that, like one uses the power of a horse when riding, you can use the same power to harness your energy to help you move forward in life.  I believe in the eyes of the horse or, more accurately, the animals’ eyes; we are more than our physical form. We are intention, emotion, energy, and spirit.

I think animals are gifts from heaven to help us grow and learn as they can see into our inner being and build our consciousness. They know who we really are by gazing into our souls.

They have much to teach if we humans have the humility to listen.

By learning to Dance with Tissue, you can gift them in return and see their souls.

To know more about your own animal consider a Animal/ Connection Consultation. For more information click below.

Animal Awareness Retreat -

I invite you to join us with an open mind. Explore and learn how to understand and regulate your body, mind and spirit and let go of it all simultaneously to open your eyes to a new world and way of doing things with your animals.

Trust that you are in the right place at the right time, and trust that your intuition and the right kind of chance have bought you here. There are no coincidences in life.

 “Have blind faith. Trust. Follow your soul…it knows the way.”

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