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Deepen your Connection and Grow Together

Personalised equine rehabilitation, equine stretching and strengthening to animal communication sessions aimed at building the bond and connection between animal and owner.

We are all gifted with that extra sense, the sense of intuition. It is our truth and how we live, and at Authentic Awakening, we strive to motivate our clients to live in awareness.

Milyn wants to share this with the world. She has a variety of unique consultations available to suit your needs and help you grow.

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Consultations -

Animal Connection Consultation

Give your animal the freedom to speak about whatever it desires, whatever it wants you to know about its personality, quirks, and body. You can ask it the questions you have always wanted to learn or think you know but want to confirm. Milyn will provide you with home advice aimed at strengthening your relationship bond with your animal.
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Equine Connection Consultation

Once you understand your horse’s perspective on everything in its life, you can resolve your challenges, frustrations, and culminating roadblocks. Milyn will guide you to see the world from a different and alternate perspective by awakening your awareness. Milyn will provide you with home advice aimed at strengthening your relationship bond with your horse.
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Equine Movement Analysis Consultation

Every rider dreams of a ride free of worry and resistance. This consultation can bring you closer to that dream. It brings you and your horse awareness regarding the physical restrictions you may be experiencing as a team. Rehabiltation will not be easy but you will reap the rewards.
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Intuitive Healing Session

Intuitive healing aims to align the balance and energy in patients with the goal of reaching harmony. It addresses any disturbances in energy flow, whether in the body, mind, or soul.  Intention and complete trust in the capabilities of the universe are the cornerstones of healing.
Know Your Horse Combo Consultation
Experience the gift of complete cognisance through animal telepathy and experienced analysis of your horses’ movements to overcome emotional and/or physical restrictions and support your horse in reaching its full, balanced potential.
Bringing awareness to the rider and their horse, who may both have limitations in specific movements or mindsets that may cause roadblocks in their riding regimen. Bringing awareness to the finer details experienced as a team.
We recommend booking a combination session of the Equine Connection and the Movement Analysis consultations, Know Your Horse,
to get the best results.
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Costs and Special Offers

Think smart and plan ahead. The consultations you will experience are life-altering, eye-opening and ultimately a new way of enjoying and appreciating the companionship you share with your animals. Follow-up consultations are highly recommended, and we can all grow through the experience and often the necessity of intuitive healing. See our available packages and ensure you save from the start by planning ahead.

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